Chintan Environmental Research And Action Group

Works for ensuring a clean and safe environment, equitable resource distribution and improved waste disposal systems

  • Started: 1999
  • Delhi, Delhi


Chintan Environmental Research And Action Group works with the mission of reducing the ecological footprint and facilitating green lifestyles, inclusi Read moreve growth and ensuring environmental justice in the form of a safe environment and equitable resource distribution; through multiple programmes involving research, advocacy, capacity building, and partnerships with the formal and informal sector. In the past, it has undertaken the Metamorphosis Programme in the city of Delhi, in partnership with the Maurya Sheraton and Towers, Delhi and the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) where a loom was installed to weave polythene bags into a unique fabric, which was then used to create durable bags for sustainable use. The project was terminated after polythene bags were banned in Delhi.


Overuse and consumption of natural resources are affecting the environment in a bad way, also workers in the space of waste management are not accepted with respect in societies.


Chintan acts to push for the conservation of the environment and take steps to educate communities about consuming resources and disposing of waste responsibly. It also works to uplift the lives of the waste-picker community by voicing for their equal rights and advocating for their inclusion in mainstream society.


  • Energy & Environment

Sub Sectors

  • Vocational Training
  • Informal Education
  • Waste to Value

Demographies Served

  • Children
  • Waste Workers


Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group manages 30 plus tons of solid and electronic waste every day in Delhi. The work involves doorstep collection, segregation, recycling and composting.


  • A Voice for Waste

    A Voice for Waste Programme works by collaborating with the informal waste-recycling sector, facilitating the sector's participation in policymaking and leading a green lifestyle and advocating for policies governing social and environmental justice by engaging in publications, campaigns, networks and partnerships.

    A major portion of this programme is carried out in partnership with an association of waste recyclers called Safai Sena.

  • Scavengers to Managers

    The Scavengers to Managers Programme works for waste pickers' welfare by creating green jobs for them at the grass-root level. Green jobs refer to jobs which allow a worker to earn minimum wage, have a safe, legal and toxin-free work environment; and at the same time, deal with goods and services which are environmentally sustainable.

    For the management of solid waste, it partners with various formal entities such as the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in Delhi, and Safai Sena to establish solid-waste handling systems which create green jobs which in most cases involve doorstep waste collection.

    It also helps informal doorstep waste collectors formalise their work by facilitating legal contracts with RWAs.

  • No Child in Trash

    The No Child in Trash Programme aims to ensure that children of waste-pickers can choose a career other than waste-picking and there is no next generation of waste-pickers. It works with children who are engaged in waste-picking and provides them with customised education to train them to enrol and stay in formal schools, facilitates exchange programmes for these children with formal schools and organises parent-teacher meetings to help the parents and/or guardians to support the children in their efforts, organises activities to equip the children with enhanced knowledge about their city, governance, and rights, and also provides the children with access to healthcare.

  • The Safai Sena Secretariat

    Is a registered association of waste workers, It comprises over 12,000 workers from over 3 states in North India. The association gives voice to the recognition and importance of waste-pickers and small traders as key players in the waste management space. It fights against the bias that society holds against them.

    The office of the Safai Sena Secretariat is housed within the premises of Chintan Environmental Research And Action Group.

  • Training Programme

    Chintan Environmental Research And Action Group undertakes a range of training programmes that enable individuals, communities and institutions to reduce consumption and waste, segregate, recycle and compost.

    The organisation has experience in training waste pickers and waste workers directly. It also trains officials and institutions about e-waste so that they are able to make good decisions.

Leadership Team

  • Bharati Chaturvedi

    Founder & Director

  • Chitra Mukherjee

    Head - Advocacy & Policy

  • Ira Sahai

    Head - Strategic Alliance

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C-14, Lajpat Nagar III, Second Floor

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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