Church's Auxiliary for Social Action

Works towards providing sustainable livelihood, education, gender equity, disaster risk reduction, and community engagement for capacity building, fostering self-help among communities.

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While the initial focus was on providing immediate relief to victims of natural and human-induced calamities, CASA has evolved into a leading relief a Read morend development organization in the country. Its primary mission is to empower marginalized communities and foster sustainable development. CASA conducts its interventions without discrimination based on religion, caste, creed, gender, or ethnicity. CASA is headquartered in New Delhi, with three Zonal Offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. It also operates 31 sector offices in 22 states, overseeing its nationwide programs with a dedicated team of over 300 employees. With resource centres spread across the country, CASA maintains a strong presence in almost every part of India. It independently operates in approximately 5,000 villages across 26 states, securing resources from both national and international agencies to support its initiatives. CASA's mission is to foster a fair and sustainable society by facilitating the involvement of socially and economically marginalized groups in the development process. It achieves this through networking, building alliances, and empowering these communities. CASA also champions local self-governance, human rights protection, peace-building, and sustainable livelihood initiatives, in addition to addressing environmental concerns and responding to both natural and human-made disasters. CASA prioritizes gender mainstreaming across all relevant levels, mobilizes resources to support the disadvantaged, and harnesses the full potential and capacities within the organization and among the partner organizations.


CASA India has reached around 10,000 villages across 26 states in India. Livelihood - 20 Lakh farmers given livelihood support Humanitarian response - more than 500 disaster responses till date Health - 24.6 lakh health assistance Lives impacted - More than 82,53,037 Education - 1.58 Lakh children enrolled in schools.


  • Gender mainstreaming in community and youth leadership building

    Incorporating gender mainstreaming into community and youth leadership development is a core program focus. It involves raising awareness in communities about various gender-related issues, such as violence against women and girls, gender equity, empowerment, and domestic violence. Additionally, the program emphasizes creating livelihood opportunities for both women and men. The overarching goal of gender mainstreaming is to foster leadership skills among women while simultaneously addressing gender sensitization within the program's operational areas.

  • Promotion of sustainable livelihood

    Sustainable livelihood has become a significant challenge for marginalized communities, exacerbated by the widening wealth gap, which increases their vulnerability. CASA is actively supporting community groups in the target areas to identify and pursue sustainable livelihood opportunities. These options encompass agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, various income-generating projects, and community forest rights-based livelihoods. This approach will also contribute to revitalizing the ecological aspects of the target areas. CASA aims to establish connections with government programs related to livelihood options for the institutions developed through institution and community building efforts.

  • Youth leadership building

    Leadership development is a central strategy within CASA's Core program. Empowered leaders play a pivotal role in mobilizing communities on matters related to land, water, livelihood, food security, and the attainment of rights and entitlements through constructive dialogues with relevant authorities. CASA places a special emphasis on cultivating youth leadership, recognizing that young individuals are highly engaged in development issues and are environmentally conscious, particularly concerning land, forests, and various government schemes.

  • Child labour free zone project

    The vicious cycle of abject poverty and limited livelihood prospects adversely impacts the mental and physical well-being of children, leading to school dropouts who engage in labour. CASA strives for the holistic advancement of these children in two states by providing them with a chance to recommence their education at CASA's Bridge schools. This initiative not only safeguards child rights but also establishes Child Labour Free Zones.

  • Comprehensive food security program

    CASA's program is underway in the drought-stricken Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, where small farmers, sharecroppers, women, landless individuals, and other vulnerable populations grapple with overwhelming debts and the risk of suicide. The initiative focuses on addressing farmer suicides and improving livelihoods by promoting sustainable agricultural methods and enhancing the community's ability to withstand environmental challenges, among other approaches.

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    Head of Programme

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    Finance Officer

  • Satyajit Das

    CZO East

  • Poul Luther

    CZO South

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