Works in multiple areas of rural development with a focus on transforming discarded urban material into useful resources for villages

  • Started: 1999
  • New Delhi, Delhi


Goonj's primary focus is on finding useful ways to transform the discard of urban houses into resources for villages. For example, it used 250 tons of Read more discarded cloth to create traditional mattresses and quilts. Goonj uses material from urban schools as incentives to bring rural children to attend school, enhance their learning experience, and allow their parents to use their financial resources for other needs. The organization also works to raise awareness regarding menstrual hygiene, and fight against the idea that the topic is too private or dangerous to talk about or make public. Hence, over 4.0 million sanitary pads have been produced out of waste cloth and distributed in villages and slums to address the taboo around the subject. Goonj holds exhibitions that address menstruation and the issues surrounding this taboo topic. Goonj accepts donations for school material; such as stationery, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc; old sarees; old spectacles and sunglasses; simple food such as rice, pulses, tea leaves, sugar, and salt; and used paper. Founder Anshu Gupta received the 2015 Ramon Magsaysay award.


Urban surplus and discards form a major chunk of waste that goes unused while rural populations struggle with scarcity and issues.


Goonj uses urban surplus and wastes especially cloth to recycle them into usable garments and other items of daily use. The rural population is fruitfully engaged in social development initiatives for which they are paid in the kits and clothes that Goonj manufactures and recycles.


  • Recycling
  • Disaster Management
  • Health
  • Education


  • Project Rahat

    Project Rahat aims to respond to natural calamities in a fast, efficient manner and mobilize urban and rural citizens to help out with relief materials as required by the disaster struck area. It conducts regular sessions on the merit of giving and donation and draws attention to preventable disasters like death from cold in winter. Rehabilitation tool kits are provided to people affected by disasters to encourage them to stay in their places and not migrate to cities in search of employment.

  • Green by Goonj

    Green by Goonj is an initiative by the organization to present handicrafts created by women in far-flung remote areas. It consists of a special edition of modern products, showcasing their aesthetics, craftsmanship and design sense created from stuff recycled out of objects and materials considered waste in the urban setting. It maintains a separate website where these products are displayed and are available for purchase through online ordering.

  • Dignity for Work

    Goonj deals with over 3000 tons of material per year and initiates over 2500 development activities annually under its flagship initiative Dignity for Work earlier known as 'Cloth for work' (CFW), from repairing roads, recharging water ponds, and building bamboo bridges to digging wells besides interventions in sanitation, agriculture and tree plantation.

  • Disaster Management & Relief

    It has developed income generation initiatives like Sujni, school bag making, and Vapsi to bring back the disaster-hit local economy to normalcy. Also, it developed a method to transform disaster wastage into a resource for development work. This waste management method was used in the Gujarat earthquake and the floods in Bihar Andhra, Uttarakhand, and Jammu and Kashmir. Goonj collected material to help those affected by the floods in North East India.

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