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Empowers grassroots groups and advocates for deprived communities' rights, addressing sustainable development, climate challenges, and food sovereignty

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Established in 1998 as a registered non-profit entity under the Indian Company's Act 1956, Public Advocacy Initiatives for Rights and Values in India Read more(PAIRVI) is a proactive organisation dedicated to capacity building and advocacy support. PAIRVI operates at the nexus of rights, development, and sustainability, partnering with grassroots organisations and community groups to enrich their grasp of developmental discourse and their ability to respond effectively. At its core, PAIRVI collaborates with a pan-Indian coalition, MAUSAM (Movement for Advancing Understanding on Sustainability and Mutuality), formerly known as Beyond Copenhagen, concentrating on climate and environmental justice. The organisation's pursuits revolve around policy analysis, programme engagement, and fostering community responses that champion sustainable development, climate change action, food sovereignty, and safeguarding people's rights. PAIRVI's focal point is marginalized populations, especially the most vulnerable, and its holistic interventions span from grassroots initiatives to national advocacy. Moreover, the organisation extends its influence globally by representing marginalized community viewpoints in international discussions concerning sustainable development, climate change, inequality, human rights, aid, and trade.


  • Climit Crisis Programme

    The organisation focuses on addressing the climate crisis, recognizing its potential to disrupt lives and hinder development, particularly affecting southern countries and communities reliant on natural resources. PAIRVI takes proactive steps to enhance Governments' and the global community's responses to both mitigating and adapting to these challenges. Its efforts extend to empowering vulnerable communities, bolstering their ability to adapt. Through active involvement, PAIRVI contributes to shaping national and subnational climate change policies, collaborating with international entities like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Conference of Parties (COP), to ensure a comprehensive approach to tackling this urgent issue.

  • Sustainable Development Programme

    PAIRVI champions a rights-based approach to sustainable development, highlighting the inadequacies of current economic models in addressing poverty, inequality, and resource overexploitation. It aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, advocating for decentralized policy-making and transparent governance. By enhancing public understanding of sustainable development, PAIRVI encourages active engagement in policy analysis and development. The organisation collaborates with UN entities such as the United Nations General Assembly, UN Environment, and more, actively participating in the Asia Pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism on Agenda 2030.

  • Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture Programme

    In the area of Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture, PAIRVI tackles the significant challenges posed by climate change to food and farming. It actively promotes food sovereignty, advocating for sustainable food production using natural and agroecological methods, fair pricing, and respect for farmers, along with equitable trade policies. PAIRVI collaborates closely with farmers, strengthening their ability to withstand challenges and improve their income, while also voicing their concerns on regional and global platforms. Additionally, the organisation explores the connections between energy, agriculture, and water policies. It also works towards securing land rights for both male and female farmers, pushing back against land takeovers and corporate influence in agriculture and its resources.

  • Human Rights Programme

    Focused on Human Rights, PAIRVI collaborates with grassroots organisations to safeguard these rights, advocate for globally recognized human rights principles, and closely monitor the state of human rights. Through its efforts, the organisation seeks to empower communities to effectively address human rights issues and enhance the overall human rights framework.

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  • Prof. Sanjai Bhatt

    Chairperson & Treasurer

  • Ajay K Jha

    Director & Lead, Programmes

  • Dr. Shipra Mathur

    Member, Governing Board

  • Vibhuti Joshi

    Member, Governing Board


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    E-46, Upper Ground Floor, Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi, 110024

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