Railway Children India

Works to provide protection and livelihood to children forced to live a neglected life at railway stations

  • Started: 2013
  • New Delhi, Delhi


Railway Children India is working to provide shelter and livelihood to children who are lost at railway stations or have run away from home and are no Read morew at the mercy of railway stations. These children may have run away to escape violence, abuse or find better opportunities in cities but ended up alone in the railway stations exposing them to various anti-social activities and elements. It has received accreditation from the Credibility Alliance for its work on this noble cause.


  • Human Rights
  • Child & Youth Development

Sub Sectors

  • Vocational Training
  • Child Rights

Demographies Served

  • Children


Railway Children India has trained 42,184 Railway Officials, 2,24,159 passengers were sensitised, protected 20,337 children from immediate dangers, 6,352 children were provided with the services and safety of open shelters and drop-in centres, 20,082 children were restored to their families and 140 children have been referred to long term care homes.


  • Immediate Care and Protection Programme

    Its volunteer teams are present at major stations in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. These teams with the help of the Government Railway Police and Railway Protection Force identify children who are alone in the stations.

    It provides food and first-aid to the children who have been brought to its 24-hour helpdesk nearby each station location. After the children are provided with initial help they are shifted to shelters managed by the organisation. These shelters also take care to arrange for education, recreation and medical support for the child.

    It partners with Child Welfare Committees and attempts to reunite the children with their families, in case this is not possible they are provided with a home in long-term shelters where they undergo treatment for any kind of addiction. They are also provided with vocational training to enable them to have a better future.

  • Duty Bearer Responsiveness Programme

    In the process of saving children at railway stations, the organisation manages to educate station masters, station superintendents, commercial staff and railway police to enable them to help such children.

    It has been inducted by the Ministry of Railways to create awareness amongst railway police personnel in its training facilities and also received recognition and acceptance by the Credibility Alliance for its services. It also tries to influence policy decisions to make provisions for the care and safety of such children.

  • Passenger Responsiveness Programme

    It aims to involve the community and passengers in railway stations to help lost children through awareness campaigns and sessions. It believes that the community should develop into a safe place for children so that they never need to leave home.

    It strives to strengthen and reinforce community structures through child-centric programmes to enable better governance and safety within communities.

Impact Metrics

  • Trained railway officials in child protection

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 227
    • 2016-17 877
    • 2017-18 88
    • 2017-18 3627
    • 2018-19 587
    • 2019-20 10721
  • Children protected

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 3627
    • 2018-19 3568
    • 2019-20 6149

Leadership Team

  • Sanjay Kumar Gupta


  • Yasmin Riaz


  • Navin Sellaraju Sukumar

    Chief Executive Officer


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  • 12A


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B-1, 1st Floor, Arjun Nagar, Harsukh Marg

Offices in Cities

New Delhi, Salem, Bhubaneswar, Tiruchirapalli, Mumbai, Ghaziabad

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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)

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