Society For Bright Future

Engages actively in national disaster relief, recovery, and preparedness, training volunteers and providing essential resources during emergencies, including food, water, and shelter

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    Okhla, Delhi

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The Society for Bright Future (SBF) operates with a dedicated focus on Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation on a national scale. During non-disaster pe Read moreriods, it conducts training programmes for volunteers and raises public awareness to enhance disaster preparedness. Its Rehabilitation programme encompasses handicapped assistance, reconstruction for affected communities, and employment support. The organisation strives to establish a rapid-response capability for emergencies, having previously provided essential aid such as First Aid supplies, shelter, blankets, water, and food in response to natural disasters in various regions. It undertakes disaster and rehabilitation projects, providing critical resources like food packages, water, clothing, shelter, and medical care during crises. Its mission revolves around building effective disaster management mechanisms at both local and national levels, fostering survivor empowerment, enhancing preparedness, and promoting community awareness. Additionally, SBF aims to collaborate with like-minded entities to achieve these objectives, expand healthcare facilities, and establish care centres for vulnerable populations.


The Society for Bright Future has taken up relief work of more than Rs. 100 Million, benefitting approximately 3.5 Lakh people.


  • Project Rahat

    Northern India witnesses annual casualties from both cold and heat waves. Research by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reveals that since 1980, cold waves have been deadlier than heat waves.
    Through Project Rahat, the Society for Bright Future (SBF) offers assistance to homeless individuals in various North Indian states during winter. Recipients receive 1.8 KG mink blankets, a lifeline in their battle against harsh weather conditions. This initiative significantly reduces cold wave-related fatalities among the homeless while promoting compassion and solidarity within the community.

  • Blood Donation Camps

    Collaborating with diverse communities, local blood banks, and committed volunteers, SBF takes the lead in organising well-coordinated blood donation drives. The primary objective is to ensure a dependable and readily available blood reserve for critical emergency situations. In tandem with these efforts, SBF conducts proactive awareness programmes. These campaigns are designed to encourage individuals to willingly contribute blood while addressing and dispelling any misconceptions or false information that could dissuade potential donors from participating. Through these combined initiatives, SBF strives to bolster the crucial act of voluntary blood donation within society.

  • Kapda Bank Programme

    SBF is dedicated to the well-being of individuals, whether in the aftermath of disasters or under regular circumstances. Through its Clothes Distribution Campaign, SBF extends assistance by providing clothing to those in underprivileged segments of society. This support spans both winter and summer seasons, offering relief from the rigours of extreme weather conditions.

  • Health Camps

    According to a Lancet Health Commission report, annually, 5.7 million individuals in low and middle-income nations succumb to subpar healthcare, with an additional 2.9 million perishing due to inadequate healthcare access. The healthcare landscape deteriorates further post-natural disasters, often leading to multiple infectious disease outbreaks. In response, SBF collaborates with doctors and volunteers to orchestrate general health camps. These initiatives offer free health examinations and medications to individuals requiring medical assistance during such critical times.

  • Cleanliness Drive Programme

    A study by WHO highlighted the substantial benefits of investing $1 in sanitation, yielding a $5.5 return through reduced healthcare costs, heightened productivity, and fewer premature deaths. Maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation practices becomes even more crucial in emergencies, particularly post-disasters. In line with its disaster risk prevention and mitigation focus, SBF partners with local Governments, corporations, community leaders, and volunteers to coordinate nationwide cleanliness initiatives, "Har Qadam Swachhta Ki Or." These campaigns identify strategic locations and contribute significantly to the national 'Clean India Mission.'

  • Training & Workshops Programme

    Disasters often strike suddenly and with profound, far-reaching consequences. To mitigate their impact and provide timely, effective aid, thorough groundwork, capacity development, and comprehensive training are essential. SBF holds the belief that well-trained volunteers are the key to effectively addressing such situations and aiding vulnerable communities. Consequently, SBF conducts various training initiatives at different levels to equip its volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond adeptly to these challenging scenarios.

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  • Irfan Ahmed

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  • Faiyaz Iqbal

    Project Manager

  • Saimeen Iftikhar

    Project Coordinator

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    Society for Bright Future, E-89 Hari Kothi lane, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, India, Okhla, 110025


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