Taleem Social Progressive Society

Empowers underprivileged through education and preparing them for employment and independent lives

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'Taleem' - which means ‘Education’ is set up with the vision of providing education to the underprivileged with the aim of getting them employable and Read more empowering them to lead a good life independently  At Taleem, we believe that quality education is not only a fundamental right of every child but a medium that can empower the youth especially young girls and women in India. Key Focus Areas for Taleem Society: quality education at a beginner level, competence, and career-building, vocational training, health-related awareness.


Served over 10,000 people


  • Sanjeevani - Hygiene & Healthcare


    Encourages people to become more attentive to their health by keeping an eye on frequent illnesses that recur, teaching people about them, and coordinating efforts amongst many organizations that operate in this area.

    Plans to raise awareness of and provide education about issues such as family planning, AIDS control, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, eye disorders, mother-child care, girl-child protection, donation of vital organs and blood, pre-and post-surgical measures, and meal planning for rehabilitation to lower malnutrition.

    intends to supply and set up a platform so that healthcare benefits can go to those who need them most. The project will be carried out in collaboration with medical professionals, other partner organizations, other NGOs operating in related fields, and State and Central Government agencies.

  • Shilp - Skill Development


    The goal of Project Shilp is to provide the less fortunate members of society (such as SC/ST/OBCs, tribal people, school dropouts, EWS, rural and uneducated women, etc.) with the skills, knowledge, and credentials they need to support themselves.

    It seeks to promote women's empowerment in both urban and rural communities through skill development as a change agent, with a focus on the unorganized sectors. To improve access for girls, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations, further efforts will be undertaken.

    offers instruction and the development of necessary skills to meet the demands of the media and entertainment, tourism, banking, food processing, electronics and IT hardware, textile and apparel, and other important industries while embracing evolving technologies and market demands.

  • Spark - Vocational Training


    This project offers a range of career-enhancing activities, such as computer competency, language instruction (primarily in English, French, German, Japanese, etc.), exam preparation for various government and private sector occupations, personality development, and presenting skills, among other things.

    Project SPARK aims to equip gifted young people for careers in the service and manufacturing sectors. The curriculum begins with career counseling. Based on an evaluation of the students' talents and skill sets, relevant coaching and assistance are given to them so they can be placed in a variety of industries and multinational corporations.

    Along with raising awareness of these topics, Project SPARK also promotes higher education, environmental consciousness, cleanliness (swachchta), social problems and evils, and the duties of a decent citizen in eradicating these issues.

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  • Saurabh Asthana


  • Sutapa Pal

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  • Zeba Saifi


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