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Works to save the life of cancer patients, support them and help them survive the disease

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Win Over Cancer, established in 2011 by the late CA Arun Gupta, operates as an NGO devoted to supporting individuals and families affected by cancer. Read moreIts primary objective is to deliver comprehensive assistance throughout the course of cancer treatment and to facilitate a life of respect and honour once the treatment concludes. Late Arun Gupta was both a chartered accountant and a cancer survivor. Recognizing that the impact of cancer stretches beyond the individual to encompass their entire family, he designed programmes to empower those battling cancer to maintain their dignity, cherish life, and conquer the challenges posed by the disease. Win Over Cancer's mission revolves around delivering comprehensive assistance to cancer patients and their families, encompassing both the duration of their battle with cancer and the period following their victory over the disease.


Win Over Cancer has made a substantial impact, touching the lives of over 220,000 individuals through more than 150 cancer advocacy and early detection campaigns, extended support to over 75 patients undergoing cancer treatment, positively influencing the lives of over 12,000 Breast Cancer Warriors by providing breast prosthesis and cancer bras, reached around 30,000 cancer warriors through the organisation of over 40 cancer care workshops.


  • Project Garima

    Project Garima, a crucial part of Win Over Cancer's endeavours, was initiated in 2016 by co-founder Mrs Kavita Gupta. This project provides cost-effective prosthetic bras to underserved breast cancer patients in India. The Dignity Kit, which includes reusable breast prostheses and cancer bras made from special fabric, is distributed through hospital outreach. Skilled counsellors offer peer support, community engagement, and workshops to breast cancer survivors. Notably, the initiative also empowers underprivileged women in rural Haryana through employment in the manufacturing process. Throughout the year, impactful workshops and peer-support meetings are held to further benefit breast cancer warriors.

  • Project Save

    Win Over Cancer operates a vital initiative known as Project SAVE, responding to the low awareness of early cancer symptoms in India, where merely 12.5% of cases are detected and treated in the initial stage. Project SAVE's mission revolves around enlightening individuals about cancer and dispelling prevalent myths associated with the disease. The organisation achieves this through health check-ups and awareness camps held in partnership with student groups, residential communities, workplaces, labour unions, and other entities. Engaging in cancer advocacy and early detection campaigns, it actively encourages participation in its cause.

  • Project Support

    Win Over Cancer's "Project Support" initiative aims to offer assistance during the treatment phase, alleviating the financial burden associated with cancer care. Recognizing the stigma still attached to cancer in India, it addresses the lack of support systems for patients. Battling cancer poses both financial and emotional challenges, particularly for those with limited means. Through Project Support, the organisation partners with hospitals to extend treatment to patients, prioritizing those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes discounted hospitalization fees and waived consultation charges, significantly aiding patients' treatment journey. Notably, the initiative goes further to aid young cancer patients, facilitating their return to school after treatment.

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