Cashpor Micro Credit

Supports women in rural regions by offering microfinance services while facilitating access to crucial health and education resources

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    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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Cashpor Micro Credit focuses on offering microfinance services specifically to women living in rural areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who are Read morebelow the poverty line. It seeks to empower them by providing financial assistance and making it easier for these women to access crucial health and educational services. The organisation's goal is to locate and inspire BPL women in these areas while assuring prompt and effective distribution of services and funds. The initiatives of Cashpor promote sustainability as a microfinance organisation while helping these women and their families escape poverty.

Demographies Served


Cashpor Micro Credit has impacted the community as follows: Beneficiaries covered under the Health Awareness Education Programme: 413500, Number of beneficiaries benefitted from the mini-health clinics: 36569, Number of Education Centres: 2086 Number of Children reached through CECs: 65383.


  • Health Programme

    In addition to financial assistance, Cashpor attends to health needs which is critical for poverty eradication. It runs health education and awareness programmes through Community Health Facilitators (CHFs), who promote health, hygiene, and sanitation practices. Cashpor supports access to low-cost health products and services, starts health funding mechanisms, and conducts community-relevant programmes to ensure sufficient healthcare. It recently launched telemedicine services to give medical advice and consultations to beneficiaries via phone or video conversations. The organisation also offers Mini Health Clinics in rural regions to provide health screenings and diagnostic services.

  • Education Pogramme

    Through educational support, Cashpor's Education Services programme aims to empower children from economically disadvantaged households. The major purpose is to help at least one child from each beneficiary household pass the Class 10 Board Exam. This accomplishment opens the door to additional education or occupational training, interrupting the cycle of poverty that exists in rural communities. Cashpor creates Cashpor Education Centres (CECs) in communities to provide cheap additional tuition programmes. Through Junior CECs, the programme serves primary-level kids (classes 1–5) and upper primary/secondary students (classes 6–10). English, Mathematics, Science, and Hindi are taught by qualified tutors with a minimum requirement of a 12th pass for Junior CECs and a graduate for Senior CECs.The programme aims to improve academic understanding, reduce school dropouts, and raise awareness about the value of education.

  • CSR Activities

    Cashpor's CSR efforts are carried out through its trust, with the goal of empowering and benefitting rural households. The Skill Development Programme is a crucial effort in which CSR funds are used to offer training to chosen applicants, with a particular emphasis on children of loan borrowers. The goal is to provide them with skills for work or self-employment, ending the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Furthermore, the foundation runs the Mahila Udyami Sashaktikaran programme, which focuses on skill development for women beneficiaries with funding from SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India). Cashpor's Micro Credit offers the financing required to achieve the margin criteria of the programme.

Leadership Team

  • Pradeep Kumar

    Assistant Director Operations

  • Kaushal Singh

    Deputy Chief Operations Officer

  • Bahram Navroz Vakil

    Vice Chairperson

  • Mukul Jaiswal

    Managing Director


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    S-8/107, 107-A1, 2nd Floor, Varanasi Trade Centre, Khajuri, Maqbool Alam Road, 221002


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