Lok Chetana Samiti

Empowers collaboration for lasting societal change, focusing on marginalized groups, grassroots leadership, and value-based transformation

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    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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Lok Chetana Samiti (LCS) operates on the belief that collaboration among the Government, civil society, and communities are crucial to address complex Read more social, economic, and cultural disparities in Indian society. Its focus is on uplifting marginalized groups, particularly women, children, and people with disabilities. By working with grassroots leaders, CSOs, and networks, LCS doesn't impose predetermined solutions; instead, it empowers its partners to think critically and become catalysts for enduring social change. Inspired by the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi's "Gram Swaraj & Sarvodaya to Antyodaya" and Jai Prakash Narayan’s ‘Sampoorn Kranti’, LCS envisions self-sustaining villages and the upliftment of the weakest in society. Its approach is rooted in the concept of 'total revolution,' as advocated by Jai Prakash Narain, focusing on nonviolent, value-based transformation led by the common people to create a just, democratic, and secular society as envisioned in the constitution. LCS's vision encompasses social justice, a caste-free society, dignity for all, and inclusive development. LCS's mission is to cultivate a movement capable of driving meaningful societal change in favour of the marginalized and impoverished. It aims to foster a community that actively contributes to realizing its vision of an equitable society, championing the principles of democracy, unity in diversity, and respect for every individual's rights and dignity.


  • Panchayat Community Empowerment Programme

    Lok Chetana Samiti focuses on empowering village Panchayat communities through various programmes, workshops, and participatory training to enhance the involvement of deprived groups like Musahars, women, Dalits, and Muslims. Its interventions occur at both grassroots and macro levels, emphasizing accountability of Panchayat representatives, promoting dialogue between Gram Sabha and elected representatives, and ensuring participation of underprivileged groups in decision-making. Panchayat Sammelans (conventions) are organised to foster interaction and engagement between elected bodies and excluded groups. To empower Panchayats, they establish model Panchayats in Blocks and enhance the role of School Management Committees (SMCs) under the Right to Education Act, enabling free and quality education, fostering regular SMC meetings, awareness, and improvements in midday meals management. Its efforts strive to create lasting changes in Panchayat dynamics and education quality.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    Empowering women through Self Help Groups and programs, Lok Chetana Samiti (LCS) focuses on addressing challenges faced by women, including gender-based violence, discrimination, and limited opportunities. LCS advocates for women's rights, participation, and gender equality, aiming to create a world where women are free from all forms of violence. Its efforts encompass education, sensitization, empowerment, and legal assistance, with a focus on deprived groups. It emphasizes men's involvement, leadership development, and awareness campaigns. The women's wing, Mahila Chetana Samiti, promotes human rights awareness, leadership, and protection for women who have experienced gender-based violence, contributing to a just society based on values of human dignity, rights, and equality.

  • Awareness on MGNREGA Programme

    Lok Chetana Samiti (LCS) engages in creating awareness and advocating for the proper implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act/Scheme (MNREGA), which aims to uplift the poor and unskilled labour class. LCS addresses rampant corruption, anomalies, and irregularities in MNREGA's execution, working towards transparency and accountability. Through grassroots meetings, the organisation of MNREGA labour unions, and advocacy campaigns, LCS educates labourers about their rights, unites them against irregularities, and emphasizes the importance of the 100 working days guaranteed by the Act. The reconstitution of block-level MNREGA labour organisations, a celebration of International Laborer's Day, and "Total Revolution Day" highlight the efforts to demand just and effective implementation of MNREGA, fostering cooperation among labourers, government officials, and local leaders.

  • Right to Education Programme

    Lok Chetana Samiti (LCS) is actively engaged in promoting the implementation of the Right to Education Act-2009, which mandates free and compulsory education for all children under 14. LCS focuses on empowering School Management Committees (SMCs) responsible for school management to ensure effective RTE execution. By organising seminars and workshops, LCS aims to increase awareness among SMC members about their roles and responsibilities in delivering quality education. A survey revealed challenges like lack of consent before publishing SMC member lists, inadequate understanding of roles, and infrequent SMC meetings. Despite facing resistance from Government officials, LCS strives. It organised a seminar featuring Basic Education Officer Mr Maharnath Yadav, who disputed the survey but left the event. Despite challenges, LCS persists in its mission to enhance education quality, encouraging regular SMC meetings and advocating for transparent school management.

  • Youth Action Programme

    Lok Chetana Samiti (LCS) focuses on youth involvement, especially with adolescent girls and boys, empowering them as active community contributors. Through youth groups, LCS nurtures democratic values, social justice, and gender equality among 25+ members in each group. Training and awareness programmes cultivate informed citizens who champion marginalized groups. LCS forms 42 youth clubs, while Kishori Chetana Samiti supports young mothers and girls for socio-economic enhancement and gender sensitivity. Events like "International Girl Child Day" promote girls' rights and leadership, fostering empowerment. These efforts drive positive change, building a fairer society.

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