Medha better prepares youth for life after school

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Medha better prepares youth for life after school. It provides skills training, career counseling, and job placement support to students at existing p Read moreublic-sector educational institutions. 1) 21st-century skill-building: it runs on-campus and online boot camps focused on life skills, digital literacy, and employability. 2) Workplace exposure and experience: it connects students to all kinds of professional opportunities - working part-time in a small business, shadowing an entrepreneur, and interning with a leading tech company. 3) Career opportunities and guidance: it facilitates interviews and introductions in a chosen field so young people can start their careers and develop real capabilities. 4) Alumni community support: it nurtures and supports a thriving alumni community of more than 25,000. It is currently partnering with multiple state governments to deliver its programs and approach at scale. It works in the north and eastern parts of India, in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, and Uttarakhand, where the school-to-work transition is particularly challenging. Since 2011, it has improved workplace engagement, income growth, and female work participation for 85,000 students.


*Youth unemployment is rising, and COVID has made it worse Unemployed youth in India increased from ~90m to ~115m in the last 10 years. >4m youth have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. *For those employed, job quality is an issue >75% of the 2018 labor force was employed in the ‘unorganized sector,’ with low pay, fewer benefits, and suboptimal working conditions.2 *Women still make up a small percentage of the workforce Female Labor Force Participation is 21%. 13% in the states Medha focuses on. The average income for women is 20.7% less than for men. *Increased education levels have led to greater underemployment *Nearly half of all undergraduate students are enrolled in the least employable disciplines.


1) 21st-Century skill building: We run on-campus and online boot camps that build skills for today's and tomorrow’s workplace. 2) Workplace exposure and experience: We connect students to diverse opportunities to gain real-world experience and build a network outside. 3) Career opportunities and guidance: We conduct placement drives, one-on-one job matching, and entrepreneurship support to start and build a career of interest. 4) Alumni community support: We nurture and support a thriving alumni community of more than 25k who collectively provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and emotional support to one another.

Demographies Served


Medha has impacted the lives of 85,000 youth across India.


  • Rubaru

    Rubaru is a learning journey. includes extensive traveling enabling the youth to gain new experiences through meeting with people and being exposed to new cultures, enriching their knowledge and opening up new opportunities. Its focus is creating safe spaces for our alumni, which sets the journey apart. These safe spaces are where our alumni can express themselves, laugh their hearts out, build on their ideas, and grow together without any fear of judgment.

  • Atrangi

    This annual fest, started and owned by Medha alumni, offers participants space to showcase their talent, practice entrepreneurship, and network with their peer alumni.

  • Swarambh

    Medha’s Swarambh program is creating a sustainable freelancing marketplace in rurban India. It aims to help young women in small towns gain essential skills related to “gig” opportunities and build themselves as successful freelancers. It brings three parties together – young women as budding freelancers, proficient freelancers as
    mentors, and local companies as “gig” providers on a virtual marketplace, thereby enabling access and partnerships between them. Swarambh works with young women in the age group of 18-30 years

  • Svapoorna

    Svapoorna is a life skill education program that believes every adolescent has the unique potential to shape their world. It is defined and driven by students (13-17 yr) that use 21st-century skills to build resourcefulness and proactive problem-solving. Using real-life project learnings, they can unleash the power within themselves to shape their futures. It is segregated into three phases. The first phase builds confidence, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills,
    while the second phase allows students to identify and set realistic goals while mapping their career pathways. The third phase allows students to transfer learned skills to a real-life challenge.

  • E2E (Education to Employment)

    The E2E program is classified into three modules:

    1) CAB(Career Advancement Bootcamp)- 30 hours of group-based activities to build professional skills, work as a team, and explore potential career options.

    2) LAB (Life Skills Advancement Bootcamp)-30 hours of group-based activities to better understand yourself, how to interact with those around you, and how to communicate effectively.

    3) TAB ( Technology Advancement Bootcamp )-60 hours of activities to build digital proficiency - operating systems, productivity tools, online research, and written communications.

Impact Metrics

  • %Improvement in Life Skills

    Program Name

    Employbility programs

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 67
    • 2022-23 69
  • %Improvement in Employbility Skills

    Program Name

    Employbility programs

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 70
    • 2022-23 67

Leadership Team

  • Byomkesh Mishra

    Co - Founder

  • Christopher Turillo

    Co - Founder

  • Alok Dwivedi

    Vice-President (Administration)

  • Saurabh Rai

    Vice-President (System Adoption)

  • Bhavna Jai Singh

    Vice-President (Data & Impact)

  • Krithika Ram

    Vice-President (Partnerships)

  • Syed Afzal

    Vice-President (Finance)

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