Akhanda Seva For International Shanti

Provides shelter to children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, supports poor families, and assists street women in finding work and housing

  • Started: 2005
  • Mysore, Karnataka


The organization has projects focused on providing shelter to kids, helping out mothers working on streets, and providing food to needy families. Read moreKarunya Mane, a two-story building on the outskirts of Mysore, provides shelter to poor children, with a focus on those who have only one or no parents. The shelter offers street children facilities such as daily baths, clean water, food, private school education, daily tutoring, alternative schooling for children with special needs, medical and dental care, counseling and psychological support, nutritious food, vitamins, clothing, yoga classes, karate classes, and arts and crafts programs. The shelter presently houses over 45 children, who were selected through an interview process and an evaluation of his/her living environment. It targets children demonstrating a willingness to live in the structured environment of the shelter. Project Street provides general assistance and healthcare to street women. The organization also provides housing stipends which enable the women to find housing so they aren't homeless. In addition, many of these women's children are provided shelter at Karunya Mane. Akhanda Seva for International Shanti's Project Food provides a monthly care package which includes basic food such as rice, dal, and other healthy grains in addition to bath and laundry soap, mosquito repellent, protein powder, other household staples, and a small amount of cash. This project is catered to families with a child where one parent is too sick to work or has passed away and the child is being supported by another family member. Women who have HIV, come from an extremely poor economic background, and have been abandoned by family also qualify for this package.


  • Child & Youth Development
  • Housing
  • Employment
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  • Food & Nutrition
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  • Health

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  • Women Empowerment

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Akhanda Seva for International Shanti, Cave Shiva Temple, Chamundi Hill

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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)