Bangalore Rural Educational And Development Society (BREADS)

Works for the welfare of the marginalised children, young people and women

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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BREADS - Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society is the development organisation of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Karnataka and Kerala, as Read moresisting and promoting development activities of NGOs, particularly Don Bosco partners in these states. We are part of an international network of Don Bosco organisations working in over 130 countries. We draw our inspiration from Don Bosco, priest and educator of the 19th century, who dedicated his life to young people especially the marginalised. Children, young people and women have been the main target groups of all our projects and programmes, as we believe that they are the most vulnerable and subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation.


  • Projects for Young at Risk

    Breads carried out children's projects that focused on both preventative and curative measures. These initiatives are being carried out in various parts of the Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala, where children's rights to childhood and education were violated. These projects encouraged community members, duty bearers, and policymakers to participate in child protection and child rights promotion initiatives in addition to providing protection and a supportive environment for vulnerable children. Our tactics include foster care, advocacy, education skill training, short-term housing, house repair, institutional rehabilitation, child protection measures, and foster care. Our main tactic is education, which consists of both official and informal approaches aimed at the less fortunate kids.

  • Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring (DREAM)

    A rights-based programme of BREADS, Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring (DREAM) was launched in November 2021 to enable thousands of children and young people to dream beyond drugs. DREAM focuses on children in particular, as they are most vulnerable to drug usage as teens and young adults.

    Through raising awareness, providing counselling, and offering deaddiction services, DREAM seeks to prevent drug use and other addictions among high school and college students.

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