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Provides an emotional and academic support system for kids in orphanages and shelters to help them develop, study, and choose a career

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Make a Difference(MAD) is a youth-driven organisation which works with the vision of providing equitable outcomes for vulnerable children in shelters Read moreand orphanages and provides care, protection and support to children living in shelters and orphanages and facing a lack of sanitation, lack of basic necessities, emotional issues, financial problems and abandonment. It works with the aim of meeting the needs of these vulnerable children outside of basic necessities and infrastructure through educating, mentoring, skill training and creating a support system where each kid has at least 3 adults to care for them and to reach out to. It also aims to ensure that these children surpass the threshold of the middle class. MAD also employs a panel of experts who carry out extensive need analysis and research on the requirements of institutionalised children. The panel is engaged in fundraising campaigns, awareness campaigns, managing financials, preparing training modules and conducting leadership workshops for volunteers for effective implementation of their programmes. It has won the following awards. 2017- Great Place to Work Institute - Top 20 Great Mid-Size Workplaces. 2016- Merit for Encouraging Diversity & Inclusion for growth. 2015- Great Place to Work Institute - Top NGO to Work For, India 2014- Website of the Year India Award - Winner, Charities Category 2013- iVolunteer Award: Winner, Volunteer Engagement 2012- First Runner-up in the Mahindra Spark The Rise competition. 2011- Starbucks Youth ActionNet Award Winner. 2011- World Summit Youth Award Winner.


Children in underprivileged families or shelters are in need of care and protection. The current societal structure is not very conducive and equitable to provide a reasonable quality of life free of exploitation.


Make A Difference mobilises youth to work towards empowering children in shelters, improving their quality of life and the eco-system around them and enabling the sector as a whole to be equitable.

Demographies Served


Make a Difference has reached 3485 children annually, mobilised 3022 volunteers and supports 60 shelters across 23 cities.

Vision & Mission

MAD’s vision is that Children born into intergenerational poverty are able to break the cycle in a single generation. Our mission is to mobilise young leaders towards ensuring equitable outcomes for children born into poverty through empowering the child, improving the ecosystem & enabling the sector.

Donor History

Siddhartha Lal Trust
Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Foundation (RNPF)
Bajaj Finserv


  • Ed Support

    It is an initiative with the aim of bringing young, trained individuals to interact with kids in shelters and provide after-school support in Maths, Science, and English. The programme supports children from grades 5-10 to enable them to clear grade 10 and pursue higher education. Each volunteer supports a class of 5 children ensuring one-to-one attention.

  • Dream Camps

    Dream Camps are 2-3 day experiential camps that focus on helping children build and connect with their dreams through a process of self-growth and transformation. During these sessions, children are exposed to new people, ideas, and experiences, within a safe space that helps them gain self-confidence to pursue their dreams.

  • Transition Readiness & Aftercare

    It is an initiative that enables children to build their career paths in sync with their interests by providing targeted career counselling, skill/vocational training, placement assistance and facilitating college admissions along with financial support.

  • Foundation Skills

    Focuses on the youngest age group of children that MAD works with, viz; 10 to 13 years, which will provide them with the foundations, hence enabling them to cope and develop themselves further even if they have to leave the shelter post the age of 14.

  • Aftercare Program

    The Aftercare program as part of the Age Transitional Model at Make A Difference enables youth to forge a sustainable, independent future by helping them in their career paths. The program provides support to young adults in the form of a reliable mentor after they leave child care institutions (CCIs) and are admitted to college or vocational training or placed in a job. The larger dream of the Aftercare Program is to take them and consequently their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty. As it would be for children from any background, the gaps are too wide for an 18-year-old to be able to make a smooth transition to the real world by themselves, especially without any personal finances or networks. Financial support is required for higher education, Vocational training for youth who want to work immediately after 12th grade, Career awareness, exposure and counseling: exposure to various career options available, Information about various career options available in their area of interest and aptitude, reality orientation with regards to achieving goals. Scholarship plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our vision is achieved. Scholarship ensures that every child in need of care and protection, agnostic of their financial situation is able to acquire quality education. Hence the scholarship that Make A Difference offers is customised for this unique demography. Scholarship ensures that the youth once they leave the CCI has active mentoring and necessary financial support. Quality education and stable housing plays a vital role in ensuring that the youth are able to achieve this goal.

Impact Metrics

  • Reached Children in Shelters

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 3400
    • 2017-18 3400
    • 2018-19 3287
    • 2021-22 25
  • Impacted Children to Clear Grade 10 and Pursue Higher Education

    Program Name

    Ed Support Programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 3604
    • 2017-18 3604
    • 2018-19 2779
  • Continuation of Education Post 12Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Youth Have Entered Workspace as Skilled Employees

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Average Salary Earned by Youth During the First Year of Employment

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 13909
    • 2020-21 14302
    • 2021-22 13800
  • Children Who Were Able to Pass 10Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Children Have Passed With Honors in 10Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Check for Understanding of Concepts / Subject Matter (Cfu)

    Year-wise Metrics
  • %Age of Students Continuing Education Post 12Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 8800
    • 2020-21 8200
    • 2021-22 8700
  • %Age of Youth Entered Workspace as Skilled Employees

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 10000
    • 2020-21 9500
    • 2021-22 10000
  • Average Salary Earned by Youth During the First Year of Employment

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 13909
    • 2020-21 14302
    • 2021-22 13800
  • %Age of Children Who Were Able to Pass 10Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 8100
    • 2020-21 9600
    • 2021-22 9300
  • %Age of Children Have Passed With Honors in 10Th Standard

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 5300
    • 2020-21 4200
    • 2021-22 2500
  • %Age Check for Understanding of Concepts / Subject Matter (Cfu)

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2020-21 8500
    • 2021-22 9700

Theory of Change

Theory Of Change - MAD recognises Poverty as one of the main core drivers that underpin the negative outcomes that are typically seen in CNCP. We recognise that in the long term the most practical way to influence and drive better outcomes for ALL children in need is to transform existing systems and infrastructures.
Thus, the long term IMPACT MODEL is built around 3 BROAD INTERVENTION STRATEGIES.
EMPOWER CHILDREN through better emotional health, life skills, exposure, educational support, work readiness and aftercare.
IMPROVE THE ECOSYSTEM around them by driving better practices among the institutions that directly affect their lives; primarily CCIs, Schools, Family, State and Society.
ENABLE THE SECTOR through better data, sharing knowledge and building coalitions and networks.

Milestones & Track Record


1. Ketto Award for Best International NGO
Ketto has recognized Make A Difference’s efforts in bridging the education gap and bringing about a change in the society. Hence, we have been awarded for the Best International NGO from Ketto.

2. MAD featured in the 2023 High Impact toolkit released by University of Pennsylvania
The toolkit mainly focused on - issues critical for funders to address to ensure a secure future for all, 12 nonprofits that serve as examples of how nonprofits are using evidence-based strategies to create real-world impact, tips and best practices for practicing high impact philanthropy and more resources for identifying further impact opportunities.


1. Lipman Family Foundation Honoree
Make A Difference is now a Lipman Family Prize 2022 Honoree. Lipman Family Prize is awarded to 3 organisations every year based on their impact, leadership, innovation in the social sector and transferability of ideas. Chosen from a pool of almost 100 organisations globally, honorees are presented with a financial award of $100,000 as well as executive training and support from the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania. The prize connects those on the cusp of great change with resources, skills, and people-power to expand the impact and influence of their work.

2. Net Promoter Score - 60Decibels
60 Decibels was commissioned by Omidyar Network India, to speak to our beneficiaries and let us know of our improvement areas if any. 60dB on their part conducted a Study, wherein MAD received a Net Promoter Score of 94 with the feedback being that youth loved MAD staff and volunteers and the opportunity to access education through MAD.

Great Place to Work
2018 - Recognized as one of the top 10 great mid-size workplaces in
2017 - Recognized as one of the top 20 great mid-size workplaces in India
2015 - Recognized as one of the top 100 great place to work for in
2015 - Top NGO to work for, India

Leadership Team

  • Mohanavalli Shankar

    Senior Director - Human Capital

  • Aastha Dua

    Program Director- FP, Ed Support and TR

  • Mannat Anand

    Director - Operations

  • Jithin C Nedumala


  • Saquib Abbasi

    Director - Aftercare Program

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    60% women


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Awards & Recognitions

2008 - Ashoka Global Youth Social Entrepreneur Award
2009 - Karamveer Puraskar, (awarded by ICongo)
2010 - Cordes Fellowship
2011 - Youth Actionnet Fellowship
2011 - Winner, World Summit Youth Award
2012- Winner, Dasra Peer Grant Award
2012 - Spark The Rise Award
2013 - iVolunteer awards: Leader in Volunteer Engagement
2014 - eNGO Challenge award: Winner in the Communications and Outreach category
2014 - Website of The Year India: Winner, Charities Category
2015 - 100 Great Places to Work Award
2015- Certificate of Merit for encouraging diversity & inclusion for growth by World HRD Congress
2022- Lipman Family Award
2023- Best International NGO, Ketto

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    ER 711/06

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    #16 C, 1st B Main, 14th C Cross, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bangalore, 560102

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