Om Seva Kendra

Provides drugless therapy for various ailments, supports differently abled individuals, orphans, transgenders, and HIV/AIDS patients

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Dr. C N Krishna and Smt. Padmakrishna initiated drugless therapy to heal patients and founded Om Seva Kendra in 2001, attracting like-minded individua Read morels for societal service. Registered as a Public Charitable Trust in 2006, the organization conducts healing training, coaching classes, and various social service programs. Dr. C N Krishna and volunteers have led numerous camps, workshops, and awareness programs, impacting over 15,000 patients and 5,000 students. Om Seva Kendra, representing Indian culture, operates diverse projects, including a free school for intellectually disabled children, an old age home, care centers for handicaps, orphans, and transgender individuals, as well as rehabilitation for HIV/AIDS patients and initiatives to save water resources. The trust is registered with multiple entities and emphasizes the Gurukula system in its training programs. Dr. C N Krishna invites experts to join a network for universal well-being, fostering Indian contributions and thoughts. The organization envisions a free residential school for intellectually disabled children and works towards minimizing the suffering of fellow human beings.


  • Drugless Therapy Centre

    Om Seva Kendra offers a diverse range of drugless therapies, providing treatment for various ailments, from headaches to cancer, with a history spanning centuries and no reported side effects. With approximately 50 varieties of drugless techniques, the center ensures the privacy of individuals through confidential confessions for voluntary participants. Thousands have found satisfaction and improved well-being through these therapies, available to everyone regardless of caste, creed, religion, or age at Om Seva Kendra.

  • Sadhura

    Om Seva Kendra, since 2001, has been actively providing regular training in Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation classes, emphasizing the traditional lifestyle as an essential means to maintain both physical and mental well-being. Recognizing the diverse varieties within these practices, the center promotes the systematic and regular practice of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation for individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health. Additionally, Om Seva Kendra organizes occasional camps in schools and MNCs to extend the benefits of these practices to a broader audience. The center adheres to the belief that health is wealth, and these ancient techniques contribute to a fit and balanced life.

  • Sanmathi

    Om Seva Kendra operates Sanmathi, a free school for intellectually disabled children, offering various therapies like speech therapy, physiotherapy, audiology, yoga, pranayama, and drugless therapies such as Reiki healing, acupressure, pranic healing, and more. The project is inclusive, open to all in need, regardless of age, sex, or caste. Regular Parent and Teacher meetings are conducted to share progress and seek cooperation for the child's faster development. Celebrating birthdays and festivals, the school aims to bring awareness, joy, and positive change to the children. Currently serving over 30 children with transportation, uniforms, food, education, therapies, and medical support, the ultimate goal is to establish a free residential school to provide a normal life for these children facing poverty and hopelessness. Donations are welcomed to turn this dream into a reality.

  • Ashraya

    Ashraya - Makkala Mane, a project by Om Seva Kendra, goes beyond being just an old age home, aiming to respect and learn from the experienced elders. Recognizing that many elders are neglected and admitted to old age homes, Ashraya focuses on bringing out the essence of their experiences. The project intends to extract knowledge from the elderly and share it with targeted needy individuals through discourses and training camps. This exchange of knowledge is facilitated on a common platform, fostering an environment where everyone involved is a winner. While providing essential nursing, hospitality, and healthcare, Ashraya aims to ensure that the elderly residents feel the happiness of their lived life even in their last days.

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