Rashtrotthana Parishat

Works to transform the lives of individuals through education, service and support

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Rashtrotthana Parishat, a public service voluntary organization is serving the people and the society in various fields of Jana-Shiksha (Education for Read more all), Jana-Seva (Service of all) and Jana-Jagruti (Transformation of all) since 1965. The mission which Rashtrotthana Parishat has set before itself is to bring about Social Transformation through the Transformation of the Individual. It’s very special aim is to implant in the hearts and minds of our people the greatest values founded and practiced by our rich heritage. The service activities of Rashtrotthana Parishat have greatly influenced the society during the last 53 years and always many Institutions, Individuals and organizations have been generous enough to support the projects.


Impacted 25 schools (14 CBSE & 11 State Board) 20,000+ children 75,000+ beneficiaries 1,100+ publications (800+ books) 15,000+ Saplings planted in 35 acres from 2017


  • Tapas - Education

    It is a two-year residential free education program designed to give academically gifted boys from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds access to IIT JEE. A multi-level selection method is used to choose the students. Every year, students in class 10 who come from households with an annual income of under 2 lakhs are eligible to apply for this project.

    About forty students are chosen to be eligible to receive project benefits. For a period of two years, the chosen students receive free housing, food, study materials, tuition, and training in order to finish XII standard and be eligible for IIT-JEE.

    BASE Institute offers academic support. In just two years, the students go through a complete metamorphosis that equips them to face the extremely challenging IIT-JEE entrance exams, compete against thousands of affluent and well-prepared students from across India, and emerge victorious, gaining admission to IITs and NITs.

  • Seva Vasati

    Intends to raise the standard of living for slum residents and integrate them into society. By emphasizing the critical areas of education, health, self-reliance, and life skills, it seeks to reform society via personal transformation. Through development initiatives, the project also spreads civic virtues and awareness in more than 200 Bengaluru slums.

  • School Outreach Program

    Embraced an inclusive and participatory approach, involving community members, educators, parents, alumni, and students in the planning, execution, and evaluation of the program. aids in providing young people with the values, information, and abilities they need to make meaningful contributions to the development of their country. fosters empathy and a sense of social responsibility in the kids involved in these projects. encourages people to give generously of themselves to the community.

    Through an outreach program, schools can establish connections with other groups or institutions that can offer opportunities, resources, and support to both teachers and students. A school outreach program can have a variety of objectives and advantages, contingent upon the type and scope of the collaboration.

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    • 2018-19 240
    • 2019-20 240
    • 2020-21 200
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    • 2018-19 18
    • 2019-20 18
    • 2020-21 20

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