Rise Against Hunger India - RAHI

Provides food and life changing aids to people in need and crisis

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Rise Against Hunger India - RAHI envisages a world without hunger. The organization provides food and other life-changing aid to communities in crisis Read more. Our program revolves around 4 key pillars: Nourishing Lives (providing safety net support to vulnerable groups)Community Empowerment (helping families with tools, skills and resources to achieve sustainable livelihood security)Disaster Relief (food and essential items, rehab and livelihood security support)Growing the movement (engaging youth and others in participating our hunger action activities)We work in partnership with organizations who have ongoing programs for the vulnerable groups and where our support will add value. With such organizations, we engage regularly to provide them packaged meals (dry uncooked packets of rice, dal, dehydrated vegetables and a sachet of 23 micro-nutrients and minerals)


  • Nourishing Lives

    Meals are donated by Rise Against Hunger India to hospitals, clinics, orphanages, senior living facilities, and facilities that treat patients regaining health from AIDS, TB, and other illnesses. Hospital and clinic meal programmes can help patients meet their dietary needs and enhance their medical care. The provision of meals balances adult members' productive time spent creating shared assets for communal use in community empowerment programmes (Meals4Development). In addition, meals serve as a vital safety net for those in need, helping them to meet their basic requirements before they begin to work towards arranging their futures.

  • Empowering Communities

    Take Action Against Hunger India is collaborating with communities facing food insecurity to enhance agricultural output and earnings using initiatives that support better farming practices, entrepreneurial abilities, and market accessibility. Our smallholder farmers encourage ecological farming practices and diversity to increase their resilience to the shocks and strains caused by climate change. In certain rural locations, drought mitigation and climate adaptation techniques have improved farm productivity for 5,000 subsistence farmers. Through farm and non-farm interventions, our current SAMBAL Initiative, which is being implemented in the country's hunger pockets, is assisting in the development of livelihood and food security.

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