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Udhyam Learning Foundation is on a mission to Make Bharat Entrepreneurial. Our vision is to co-create a caring world where people pursue their potential. We believe that entrepreneurial mindsets are a powerful way of unlocking individual potential.

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Udhyam Learning Foundation (Udhyam) envisions to “Co-create a caring world, where people fearlessly pursue their potential.” It believes that entrepre Read moreneurship is a powerful way to channelize an individual’s potential. Entrepreneurship enables agency and allows an individual to work on their strengths while creating value for the world. Udhyam Shiksha works on developing entrepreneurial mindsets among the youth and enabling them to achieve their potential, having impacted ~16,00,000 learners across 10 Indian states. Udhyam Vyapaar focuses on nano businesses in India, and solving large problems faced by them, at scale; having already enabled upto a 25% income uplift for 5000+ entrepreneurs. The goal for Udhyam is to build a thriving and supportive ecosystem, where every individual feels empowered to define their own path.


  • Real World Business Projects in Schools

    Through business projects, we offer a unique real-world engagement designed to give students the experience of going through the entrepreneurial journey from scratch while still in school (Grade 11 & 12).

    This immersive and intensive experience is made real with the support of seed money of ₹2,000 per student. Students work in teams, pooling their money to fund their projects.
    Students learn how to identify and pursue opportunities, collaborate with their team members, take risks with confidence, and learn by doing. This powerful experience has seen a transformational impact on student mindsets.

  • Rural & Women Entrepreneurship Enhancement

    A mission to enable Rural and Peri-Urban Enterprises towards improving their systems, methods of working, address key business challenges and finally increase their earnings. Many of these are Women run enterprises that are supported through Self Help Groups (SHGs). Udhyam Vyapaar is currently working in the field directly with these Nano-Enterprises on a pilot program and helping them improve their Sourcing, Market Reach, Training and adopt Innovative Solutions. The solutions thus worked out for each sector will then be targeted for scaling up throughout India.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Curricula in Schools and ITIs

    Entrepreneurial skills must be instilled from an early age, and to that end, Shiksha is enabling youth (between 14-22 yrs) to develop these mindsets and accentuating them with 21st century know-how. Our programs are focused on learning by doing. By channeling the real-world experiences gained from business projects and experiential curricula, our youth have the agency and necessary skills to tread new pathways that can take them to higher levels of success and happiness. The school curriculum (Grades 9 and 10) encourages students to experience entrepreneurial mindsets and skills with 25-30 hours of hands-on learning in class and 5-8 hours of real world action outside the classroom. The ITI curriculum on the other hand is designed as a primer program that leads to the selection of potential entrepreneurs for incubation. Here, the curriculum places greater emphasis on Real world business projects.

  • Istri Project

    Istri Project is an initiative aimed at market transformation from coal as an input fuel to LPG for ironing vyapaaris.

    Istri vyapaaris are ubiquitous in every neighbourhood across India. These vyapaaris primarily use Coal-based iron boxes. This key asset of their business has not evolved from 19th century.

    An LPG Iron box, connected to a commercial cylinder, changes how a vyapaari operates his business - providing him/her nearly 25% income uplift, while also positively impacting health by preventing inhalation of coal fumes.

    Till date, 5000+ Iron vyapaaris (ironing vendor) has seen a positive impact, and now we are aim to expand nationally to make India coal ironbox free.

Leadership Team

  • Mekin Maheshwari


  • Krishnan Ranganathan

    Co-Founder and Director Udhyam Vyapaar

  • Deepa Kuncheria

    DIrector - People & Culture

  • Ramesh Krishnamoorthy

    Director - Technology

  • Shyam Suryanarayanan

    Director - Udhyam Shiksha

  • Hemlata Varlani

    Director - Advocacy and Marketing

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    House No.2B, Apartment, Garden Homes, Aga Abbas Ali Rd, Halasuru, Hanumanthappa Layout, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore, 560042

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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)

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