Solidarity for Developing Communities (SOLID)

Promotes communal harmony and sustainable development for marginalized communities through non-violent conflict resolution and spiritual growth

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    Brahmapur, Odisha

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Solidarity for Developing Communities, known as SOLID, strives to foster peace, communal unity, and spiritual growth among Adivasi, Dalit, and other c Read moreommunities. It focuses on non-violent conflict resolution and development interventions, aiming for sustainable community progress. Its vision revolves around cultivating a society marked by harmony among all individuals and preserving ecological equilibrium for the holistic well-being of each person. SOLID envisions sharing the Earth equally to sustain physical, mental, and spiritual advancement indefinitely. SOLID firmly believes in the interconnectedness of peace and development. It advocates that lasting peace relies on sustainable and just development, particularly for marginalized groups like the Adivasis and Dalits. The organisation also values spirituality, viewing it as a source of virtues that alleviate suffering, thus contributing to peace and development efforts.


  • Healthcare Programmes


    The organisation collaborates with various stakeholders to tackle healthcare needs in marginalized communities. Through 22 health camps in remote Odisha villages, it aided around 1000 patients, providing medical check-ups by experienced doctors and free medicines. Regular meetings and partnerships with mobile health vans raised health awareness and accessibility among remote villages.

    Six community health trainings, involving diseases like malaria and TB, established 120 Health Volunteers. Initiatives like annual picnics, village development programmes, and reproductive health training engaged 29 girl households, enhancing their health and sanitation awareness. The organisation effectively eradicated chronic diseases like ringworm and scabies, promoting better hygiene practices among women and enabling early disease identification and treatment.

  • Disaster Management Programme

    The organisation focuses on disaster relief, aiding vulnerable communities affected by floods, cyclones, and earthquakes. Through financial donations and distributing essential items like food, water, and shelter, it supports around 1600 families in Odisha's districts and provides relief to domestic workers and drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it engages in local agriculture, purchasing equipment for organic farming to sustain students and staff in the KarunaShanti ashram and school.

    During the pandemic, it distributed dry rations and sanitation materials to domestic workers and repaired and maintained school facilities for a clean environment. The organisation's efforts extended beyond relief, providing employment opportunities to over 554 individuals after the COVID-19 shutdown, restoring education for 472 school children affected by cyclones, and identifying diseases early for timely treatment.

  • Agricultural Programmes


    The organisation seeks a one-time grant to ensure sustainability by establishing coconut farming with multi-cropping. This initiative aims to employ impoverished families, creating a self-reliant ecosystem while imparting agricultural skills to students. With the lessons from COVID emphasizing self-reliance, SOLID aims to become self-sustainable.

    Under the project of sustainable coconut farming with multi-cropping, the organisation requires funding for essential aspects. This includes fencing to deter wild and grazing animals, implementing drip irrigation, and improving land and soil conditions for better yield and sustainability.

  • Education Programmes


    The organisation supports marginalized communities by providing quality education initiatives. This includes residential science programmes with over 300 yearly enrolments, achieving 100% pass rates in +2 and +3 science streams. It ensures infrastructure facilities like libraries, labs, and transport, crucial during crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. Diverse personality development programmes, focusing on meditation, public speaking, and gender alignment, benefit students.

    Overseeing 81 functional Anganwadis and Primary Schools, it ensures joyful learning environments and distributes essentials to children. Committees empower schools to provide textbooks, uniforms, meals, and sanitation facilities. Multilingual teaching materials, improved learning levels, and strengthened committees enhance preschool education. Additionally, the organisation promotes peace and nonviolence, creating a holistic educational experience for these communities.

Leadership Team

  • Debasish Pattnaik

    Secretary & Executive Director

  • Manorama Devi


  • Dr Minal Kanta Nanda

    Vice - President

  • Sodananda Uthan Singh



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    Hillpatna, Bada Sahi, Lane opposite SBI station road branch, Brahmapur, 760005


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