Doctors For You

Provides healthcare to underprivileged communities during normalcy and disasters in addition to training and strengthening them to respond to emergency situations

  • Started: 2007
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra


Doctors for You works across India with medical assistance during disaster situations and also generally provides healthcare services during normal co Read morenditions. It follows its vision to make healthcare accessible to all, providing services without prejudice towards caste, creed or religion in the fastest possible way, serving remote populations, with accountability towards its stakeholders, involving the community in its efforts and with pure humanitarian intentions free of political affiliations and biases. For its humanitarian efforts, Doctors for You has been decorated with multiple awards like SAARC Youth Award for Outstanding Contribution to Humanitarian works and best medical team in the crisis zone by the British Medical Journal.


  • Disaster Management
  • Gender
  • Energy & Environment
  • Water
  • Child & Youth Development
  • Skill Development
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Recycling
  • Sanitation
  • Education
  • Health


  • Public Health & Nutrition Programmes

    This programme works on multiple fronts, one of them being its fight against cancer, wherein, the organization enables donation of medicines, supports chemotherapy and surgery, financial aid for diagnosis and arranges for travel and accommodation for people coming for treatment.

    Its rural initiative focuses on providing accessible healthcare to rural masses enabling primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. It works in slums and poor settlements to address the nutrition requirements of newborns and young children through screening and counselling sessions with follow-ups and relevant treatment.

    Its Shravan healthcare centre and Poshan initiatives focus respectively on immunization, addressing vitamin A deficiency, deworming and supporting tuberculosis patients with appropriate nutrition to overcome the disease.

  • Emergency Response Programme

    Its Emergency Response Programme aims to provide humanitarian assistance in crisis situations. It takes up the task to set up mobile medical centres in the affected location, distributing hygiene kits, spreading health information, training local health workers and has also supported the country during floods, rehabilitation during epidemics, earthquakes and communal violence situations.

  • Skill Development & Livelihood Programme

    It conducts six-month certificate courses in health assistant training and a four-month dental assistant training for young girls from underprivileged backgrounds. The courses are customized to cater to girls with minimum qualifications and delivered in Hindi to enable easy learning and secure gainful employment.

  • Water & Sanitation Programme

    This programme includes collection of used soaps from hotels and transforming them, through appropriate processes, into new usable soap that is distributed to remote parts of rural India to encourage good hand wash practices.

    It has also undertaken the construction of sanitation facilities like toilets and bathrooms in the States of Assam, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir to discourage open defecation and encourage better hygiene practices.

  • Environment & Sustainability Programme

    Through its Environment & Sustainability initiatives, Doctors for You aids Anganwadi workers by enabling them to use technology to simplify their work and also supporting infrastructure development which directly leads to improved social services.

    It promotes crop residue management in the Punjab region to reduce cases of stubble burning, directly contributing to the reduction of pollution.

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Doctors For You, Flat No - 201/203, Building Number - 22, Lallubhai Compound, Mankhurd

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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