Indian Cancer Society (ICS)

Spreads awareness about types of cancers and provides treatment, assistance, rehablitation and emotional support to underprivileged cancer patients

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Indian Cancer Society (ICS) spreads awareness about symptoms and curability of various types of cancers. It holds awareness camps and campaigns in sch Read moreools, collages and workplaces in both urban and rural areas. ICS conducts health check-up camps for cancer with the help of its mobile detection vans and suspected cases are referred to cancer hospitals for further investigations and treatment. ICS helps underprivileged patients get aid from various sources after a careful evaluation of their financial and family background. ICS offers cancer insurance policies to people allowing them to get cancer treatment if needed, without being concerned about finances. Various survivorship programs help the cancer survivors get back to living normal life with regular medical aids and assistance. UGAM is a voluntary support group working for childhood cancer survivors helping them to overcome challenges and be achievers. ICS provides counseling to both the patients and their families and gives them vocational training to help them earn their livelihood. The organization provides free food, clothes and nutritive supplements to needy rural and urban survivors and their dependents. It also provides prosthetic/orthotic appliances, cervical cancer rehabilitation kits and any other medical assistance needed. ICS has collaborated with St.Jude India ChildCare to provide accommodation, nutritive food and emotional support to children who are cancer patients and their families. The families are provided guidance about the procedures at the hospitals. ICS has launched the 'Rise against Cancer' movement to create awareness and give a message that "Cancer is Curable, When Detected Early". Relay for Life is a community sensitization and fundraising program by ICS, where early detection and prevention of cancer are discussed. Indian Cancer Society conducts researches and data analysis in order to identify factors affecting cancer and to develop new technologies and methods for screening and diagnosis.


Indian Cancer Society conducted 4000 medical camps where 4,00,000 people were examined. It conducted over 800 mammography camps where 24000 people were examined.


  • Cancer awareness program

    The primary objective of Indian Cancer Society is to spread cancer awareness and dispel the stigma and apprehension associated with the disease. This involves aiding individuals in identifying the initial signs and symptoms of cancer, thereby empowering them to pursue treatment during its early stages. An essential component of the mission is educating the public about prominent risk factors, given that over 30% of cancer instances can be averted through lifestyle adjustments and risk factor avoidance. The organisation aims to underscore the significance of regular screenings and check-ups, particularly emphasizing the importance of mammograms, clinical breast examinations, and breast self-examinations for women. It strives to raise awareness among women about Pap smear tests for detecting signs of cervical cancer.

  • Cancer screening

    The primary goal in cancer screening is to provide specialized check-ups for both males and females, focusing particularly on those in the underprivileged sector. The organisation strives to spread awareness about cancer, its associated risk factors, the significance of early-stage detection, and the importance of undergoing regular screenings. It also aims to educate individuals about cancer insurance policies and the advantages they offer. The screening camps are strategically organized across both urban and rural areas in India, with a specific emphasis on catering to the vulnerable and underprivileged segments of the population. Qualified medical professionals and skilled technicians from the Indian Cancer Society conduct these screenings. Our teams oversee the following tests and examinations during these camps:
    • Thorough oral examinations for both men and women
    • Clinical breast examinations and gynecological assessments
    • Pap smear tests for women
    • Mammography for women

  • Cancer Cure Fund

    The Indian Cancer Society-Cancer Cure Fund stands as a flagship endeavour, aimed at extending financial assistance to underprivileged cancer patients for their treatment. Timely detection and treatment are pivotal in managing many types of cancers effectively. However, a significant number of cancer patients in India face the hurdle of treatment costs, which often results in an unfortunate outcome. This transformative initiative has impacted the lives of numerous patients across the nation, a substantial portion of whom have successfully completed their treatment and regained their productive lives. Operating on a pan India level, it's noteworthy that 45% of the beneficiaries fall within the age range of 16 to 45 years.
    In February 2011, HDFC AMC introduced a Debt Mutual fund that enabled investors to donate 50% or 100% of their dividend income to the Indian Cancer Society, aimed at funding the treatment expenses of cancer patients. Approximately 5000 investors contributed their income

  • Arun Kurkure Initiation and Treatment Fund

    Initiated in April 2014 within Mumbai, this project aims to provide vital support to underprivileged cancer patients by covering the costs of initial diagnostic tests and emergency treatment, ensuring swift action without any delay.
    The prompt assistance offered through this project plays a crucial role in alleviating concerns about the treatment cost. By reducing the patient drop-out rate and enabling immediate treatment initiation, individuals are granted the time needed to explore additional avenues of financial aid.
    Significantly, this project was reintroduced on February 4th, 2019, now extending its coverage to the network of affiliated hospitals.

  • DJ Fund

    Dr. D J Jussawalla Education & Vocational Skills Fund was established in July 2017.
    The primary objective of this fund is to extend financial assistance to childhood cancer survivors, supporting their educational pursuits.
    Families with children battling cancer often grapple with substantial financial burdens. Childhood cancer survivors undergo treatment during crucial developmental phases, potentially hindering complete physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Consequently, they might experience enduring medical, psychological, and cognitive effects in the long term. The cancer journey can disrupt education and interfere with their time spent with family and friends. This disruption may lead to delayed identity formation as adults and challenges in achieving developmental milestones typical of young adulthood.

  • Aid to cancer patients and survivors

    Indian Cancer Society provides sustained assistance for approximately 60 individuals coping with cancer and survivors, along with their caregivers. The organisation arranges for meals and essential nutritional supplements, and provides for medical aid along with accommodation facilities.

  • Vocational rehabilitation

    The tailoring course spans 6 months, during which patients undergo training based on a standardized curriculum. Skilled professional trainers conduct evaluations at the conclusion of the training period. Certificates are presented to candidates who successfully complete the assessment process. Upon course completion, sewing machines are generously donated to eligible candidates.

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