Renuka Mauli Sevabhavi Sanstha Majalgaon

Collaborates with urban and rural underprivileged communities to foster enduring and sustainable improvements in their quality of life

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    Beed, Maharashtra

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Renuka Mauli Sevabhavi Sanstha Majalgaon, established between 2004 and 2006 and registered under The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, operates in Majalg Read moreaon with its headquarters situated in Beed. The trust is committed to conducting charitable and social activities, dedicated to the betterment of society. Abhijit Vaidya, the Secretary of the organization, holds educational qualifications in BSW/MSW and has been actively engaged in social work since 2003. The vision is to contribute to the development of a better India, ensuring access to fundamental health, education, and empowerment for every citizen. It aims to collaborate with urban and rural underprivileged communities, striving for sustainable improvements in their quality of life. The focus involves offering community-based healthcare, empowerment, financial upliftment through training, supporting small-scale industries, and promoting education. Additionally, it encourages slum and village communities to foster efficiency and self-sufficiency. Aims and Objectives: The objectives revolve around empowering NGOs to enhance the effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of their endeavours. This includes identifying the best tools for impact monitoring and evaluation, as well as implementing best practices in areas such as savings, credit, health, education, government schemes, awareness programs, disaster management, youth welfare, and agricultural initiatives. 1. Raising Awareness for Swachha Bharat Abhiyan - It conducts street plays, engages in events, organizes SHG meetings, and conducts awareness campaigns in over 100 schools to educate children. Through door-to-door visits, it counsels individuals about health and sanitation practices, emphasizing the importance of using toilets and not resorting to open defecation. The organisation actively engages in garbage management initiatives and promotes Vermi Compost practices. 2. Workshop for Municipal Sanitation Workers – It conducts workshops aimed at educating the Nagar Palika safai labor force on their role and participation in the Swachha Maharashtra Abhiyan. 3. Tree Plantation Initiative – The organisation is involved in a tree plantation project across 11 talukas in the Beed district, collaborating with the forest office. This initiative includes awareness programs in 200 schools, events like VRKSHA DINDI, and campaigns promoting the conservation of animals and trees. 4. Workshops for Children – It conducts workshops called "West to Best" targeting children aged 5 to 10, offering activities and sculptural endeavours during summer camps. 5. Survey for Homeless People – It undertakes surveys for homeless individuals in collaboration with the Nagar Palika as part of the National Urban Livelihood Mission. 6. Health Awareness Initiatives - Conducts health awareness programs within communities. 7. Watershed Program in Antharvan Pimpri Village – The organisation has implemented a watershed program to address water resource management in the village. 8. Distribution of School Uniforms - It distributes school uniforms to support students' education. 9. Street Plays and Programs on Women's Education and Health – It conducts street plays and programs emphasizing the importance of education and health for women within families. 10. Promoting the Importance of Arts and Knowledge – It organizes programs to highlight the significance of arts and knowledge.


  • Swachha Bharat Abhiyan


    As part of the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan Awareness initiative, our team engages in various activities such as conducting street plays, rallies, self-help group meetings, and visiting over 100 schools to raise awareness among children. We also undertake door-to-door visits to educate communities about health and sanitation practices. Our primary message emphasizes the importance of using toilets instead of open defecation. Furthermore, we focus on waste management strategies including garbage planning and vermicomposting.

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  • Meera Madhukarrao Vaidya


  • Ramrao Keshavrao Palwankar

    Vice President

  • Abhijit Madhukarrao Vaidya


  • Sangita Abhijit Vaidya


  • Mangal Bharatrao Mule

    Governing Council Member

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    Renuka Mauli Sevabhavi Sanstha, Akshar Nivas, Samta Colony, Majalgaon - 431122, Beed, Maharashtra, India

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