Taj Public Service Welfare Trust

Distributes the nutritious meals to the needy, doctors and the medical staff

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Founded in December 2008, the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust (TPSWT) traces its origin to the incredible resilience of survivors and the valour disp Read morelayed by those who assisted during the Mumbai terror attacks. Its primary mission is to provide assistance to individuals affected by a wide range of disasters, be they natural or human-induced, guiding them on the path to rebuilding their lives. Furthermore, TPSWT takes on a unique responsibility in advocating for the well-being of injured and disabled members of the armed forces. Throughout its existence, the organisation has actively participated in numerous relief and rehabilitation initiatives across the nation, driven by an unwavering commitment to empower survivors, helping them regain their self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Presently, under its leadership, IHCL(Indian Hotel Company Ltd) continues to make substantial contributions, such as providing nourishing meals to medical personnel in hospitals and distributing sustenance to those in need.


  • Education Programme


    The focal point of the year revolved around optimizing the Trust's Education Support initiative. Two individuals from the staff, whose husbands tragically perished in the 26/11 incident at The Taj, became integral participants in the Trust's efforts. Their direct engagement in Trust activities, including interactions with afflicted families and school visits, has not only alleviated their personal despair but has also broadened the scope of the Education programme, benefiting 108 children.

  • Micro - Enterprise Programme


    The Trust has placed a strong emphasis on the establishment of micro-enterprises, actively encouraging women to pursue courses that enable them to secure their livelihoods. Individuals in the process of recovering from gunshot wounds, who are temporarily unable to fulfill their daily obligations, have received support in establishing small, self-managed businesses. The Trust comprehensively assesses their requirements, collaborates on crafting business proposals, and facilitates meetings with financial institutions to secure loans for the successful initiation of these ventures. In addition to the Trust's financial grant, beneficiaries contribute a portion of their personal savings and gradually repay bank loans as their businesses flourish.

  • Hopitality Skill Training Programme

    Youth who endured the 26/11 tragedy received comprehensive Hospitality Skill Training, with ongoing efforts to establish a hostel and a Center of Excellence facility for this purpose at the ITI campus in Lonavla. The Trust continued its aid to guests injured at the Taj Hotel during the same incident. Additionally, in collaboration with TISS, a Trauma Counseling Center was established in Mumbai to provide crucial support to the afflicted families.

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  • Gaurav Pokhariyal

    Executive Vice President


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    Barrister Rajini Patel Marg Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400021


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