Yuva Rural Association

Empowers rural and tribal communities through various programmes to improve their lives

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  • Headquarters

    Nagpur, Maharashtra

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Yuva Rural Association (YRA) is a registered society functioning from Nagpur. YRA has turned 17 years old now and continues to work hard for the devel Read moreopment of the rural & tribal poor. The focus is to empower the deprived sections of rural and tribal society through interventions in the areas of livelihoods, gender, natural resource management (Environment) and advocacy to achieve its goals for the betterment of the constituencies. YRA’s current direct interventions are in more than 525 villages from around 18 blocks of 8 districts in the Vidarbha region and Parbhani district from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.  All these interventions were to address various development issues of the constituency groups- small and marginal farmers, women, youth, tribal and children. YRA also have indirect interventions on various issues at the state and national level through our collaborative partners. YRA has been successful in facilitating people’s Organizations and Institutions, thus increasing the participation, accountability, transparency, and ownership of our constituencies so that the social transformation process rolls on its own in a sustainable model.  YRA is professional voluntary development organization working in partnership with International Development Organizations, (Oxfam India, SWISSAID India, UNICEF, IFAD) National and State Government (Women and Child Development Department, NABARD, Ministry of Agriculture and Water and Sanitation Department, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT), Rangoonwala Foundation, Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRA-N), Dilasa & WASSAN) and Corporate Social Responsibility projects with HDFC Bank, HDB financial services and Edelweiss towards Sustainable Development.  In this wonderful and enriching journey that we have experienced, we have been successful in forming People’s Organizations and People’s Institutions, thus increasing the participation, accountability, and ownership of our target beneficiaries so that they take the responsibility of their own development. The members of these PO’s and PI’s and the volunteers are assisting in widening the scale and scope of our interventions and this is the biggest strength of the organization. They have helped us in our goal of making the life of rural people meaningful.


  • Women & Child Development Programs

    Since 2006, YRA has operated a counselling clinic in Bhandara in partnership with the departments of Women & Child Development and the Police Department. Many women in need have received help and assistance from this centre over the years. Restoring the dignity and self-worth of women in distress is the center's fundamental motto. Through this institution, YRA has been serving as a mediator between mothers and children in distress and police machinery.

  • Livelihood

    Encouraging means of subsistence for the underprivileged segments of society, including women, minorities, small and marginal farmers, tribal people, Dalits, and landless labourers. YRA has concentrated on programmes that promote income generation through agro-allied, agro-based, forest-based, and other livelihoods.

    YRA's three pillars are designed to stabilise and enhance the poor's current portfolio of livelihoods.

    Reducing vulnerability and improving livelihoods by increasing available options and seizing new opportunities in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors; Employment – developing skills for the external market; and Enterprises – fostering self-employed and entrepreneurial activity (for micro-enterprises).

Leadership Team

  • Seemantinee Khot


  • Anita Borkar

    Vice President

  • Laxmikant Padole


  • Mohan Dadaji Surve


  • John Menachery

    Board Member

  • Mrunalini Milind Fadnavis


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