Yuvaan Ahmednagar

Empowers marginalized youths through education, skill development, training, career guidance, and character-building initiatives

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    Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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Since its inception in 2013, Yuvaan Ahmednagar has served as a guiding light for progress and hope across Education, Skill Development, Competitive Ex Read moream Training, Employment Assistance, Sports, Child Care & Youth Development and Disaster Management. At its core, Yuvaan is dedicated to uplifting the marginalized, including orphans, nomads, and tribal youth. The organisation offers free higher education, skill development, learning materials, career guidance, vocational training, counselling, and lodging with nourishing meals. Yuvaan aims to instill significant values such as social awareness, unity, patriotism, and empathy with a forward-looking approach. The organisation's tireless efforts are geared towards empowering socially and economically disadvantaged students by providing crucial resources like educational fees, materials, career guidance, vocational training, and essential accommodations, meal—all without financial strain. Yuvaan's focused initiatives aim to foster a collective sense of solidarity and national pride, acknowledging the pivotal role of character development in the country's advancement and prosperity.


According to government rules in India, orphans have to leave the orphanages after they are 18 years old. Their dreams remain unfulfilled as they step out into the world without higher education, employable skill and any other hope of support. They are forced by their circumstances to take up any kind of job they get in order to earn their living even though they would like to take up higher education & develop skill. Often boys turn to Crimes and girls are married off early which further leads to critical social problems. Many marginalized youths including single parent, tribal, nomadic, drought affected and landless rural and physically disabled are also deprived of equal oppurtunity of higher education, skill development and decent employment.


Our services: 1) Youth Hostel, Free Meal, Higher Educational Fees, Material Support and Skill Development 2) Competitive Exam Library, Study Rooms And Guidance 3) Counseling and Career Guidance 4) Prerana- A Series of Inspiring Lectures & Competitive Exam Guidance 5) Employment Assistance 6) Sevavrati- Volunteering & Relief Work 7) Youth programs / Camps for character building 8) Eco Yuvaan- A manufacturing unit of handmade jute and cotton bags


Orphanage, Single Parent, Tribal, Physically disabled, Nomadic, Covid affected and needy rural students will achieve their life goals with the help of higher educational support, skill development, competitive exam training, counseling, career guidance and decent employment. In this way, we can bring marginalized youths into the main stream of society and will also stop their exploitation and reduce criminal activities in our society.


  • Skill and Career Development Centre

    The Center for Skill Career Development offers unemployed youth training and career guidance for Government and Private sector employment. Featuring a well-equipped library and study room, it houses an extensive collection of over 1500 books covering diverse competitive exams such as UPSC, MPSC, Police, Railway, and Banking. The centre conducts enlightening lectures through its PRERANA initiative, featuring insights from successful UPSC and MPSC toppers, as well as senior Government officials. Countless students have benefited from these programs, steering their lives towards improved directions.

  • Yuvaan Sevavrati - Volunteering Programme

    Yuvaan actively moulds young minds, instilling in them a sense of social awareness, patriotism, and a compassionate outlook devoid of discrimination. The Yuvaan Sevavrati (Volunteers) initiative harnesses youthful energy to foster positive change. Engaging as Yuvaan Volunteers, the youth partake in diverse social activities. This programme not only deepens their awareness of social responsibilities but also ignites a spirit of hope, inspiring them to lead purposeful lives. 'Yuvaan' asserts that increased youth participation in nation-building endeavours is pivotal for realizing the dream of a developed India.

  • Eco Yuvaan Programme

    Eco Yuvaan provides an extensive selection of customizable bags featuring logos and designs to effectively convey a brand message to customers. The diverse range of promotional bags is crafted from natural fabrics such as jute and cotton canvas, ensuring 100% eco-friendliness. Available in a myriad of colours, sizes, shapes, and styles, these bags cater to various preferences. Additionally, Eco Yuvaan has been producing high-quality reusable cotton masks since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Yuvaan COVID - 19 Relief Programme

    In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yuvaan, impacted over 35,000 lives across 35 villages and 3 cities in Ahmednagar district. Amid the 10th-highest active COVID cases in the country, relief efforts encompassed supporting Government hospitals, distributing dry ration kits to 2200 families, serving 15,000 cooked meals, providing 15,000 reusable cotton masks, aiding 2300 migrants in #GharVapasiAbhiyan, and assisting 400 deprived children with educational materials. Additionally, a survey identified children orphaned by COVID-19, prompting Yuvaan to initiate urgent relief kits, a special scholarship programme, a home construction project, and employable skill training for widows through Eco Yuvaan.

  • Youth Empowerment Centre

    As per governmental regulations, orphanages mandate that orphans depart at age 18, leaving their aspirations unmet. Exiting without support, they often settle for any available job due to circumstances, sidelining dreams of higher education. Similarly, socially and economically disadvantaged students face unequal educational and employment prospects. Yuvaan's Youth Empowerment Centre steps in, offering comprehensive residential assistance to these youth, striving to bridge the gap in opportunities and provide a foundation for their future.

Leadership Team

  • Sandip Kusalkar

    Founder & President

  • Suresh Maid

    Founder & Secretary

  • Prasanna Bora

    Assistant Secretary

  • Adv. Vinayak Sangle

    Trustee & Legal Advisor

  • Rakesh Gore

    Team Member

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    Yuvaan Chhatra Niwas, Near Yamaha Showroom, Tarakpur Road, Ahmednagar, 414001


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