Grace Cancer Foundation

Helps cancer patients who are unable to afford the treatment

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    Rangareddi, Telangana

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There is a bonfire song which has a line like this – it only takes a spark to get a fire going. In 2003, when Dr.Chinnababu Sunkavalli was a resident Read moredoctor in oncology, the spark that was lit in him years ago was burning….through years of working with people suffering with cancer, the desire for him to start a foundation burned brighter….thus GRACE Cancer Foundation was born in October 2013 with a vision to reach out to people who cannot afford treatment, counselling and to spread awareness. Ever since its inception the foundation has been conducting various camps and awareness programs throughout India. “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give,” said Dr.Ben Carson. The joy of giving is what led Dr.Chinnababu Sunkavalli to initiate and establish GRACE Cancer Foundation which has been touching lives and reaching out to the unreached masses. OUR OBJECTIVES To mobilize charitable, educational and medical activities to boost public awareness on Cancer, its symptoms and treatments. To promote translational research in oncology and allied sciences related to prevention, detection, treatment and epidemiology of cancer. To undertake programs, in collaboration with government and non-government organizations, that enhances the quality of health in cancer patients. To develop cancer screening facilities and to make them accessible to the general public from all sections of the society. To contribute to education, scientific research and development activities. To mobilize funds for the needy patients diagnosed with any type of cancer. No patients should be deprived of treatment for lack of financial support. To organize scientific meetings, seminars, conferences towards promotion of cancer knowledge base. To run community based Cancer awareness programs and spread the Cancer knowledge across the globe.


  • Cancer Screening Bus

    The Mobile Cancer Screening Bus is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as digital printing, computed radiography imaging, X-ray machines, and mammography machines. educating the public about cancer prevention and early detection through the implementation of cancer detection and awareness initiatives. The bus is provided as a free service for the underprivileged in isolated locations.

  • Treatment & Rehabilitation

    With its Treatment & Rehabilitation Free Medical Camps, the Grace Cancer Foundation is committed to offering cancer sufferers compassionate care and support. For those fighting cancer, these camps provide free access to vital medical care, acting as a light of hope. The foundation's unwavering efforts to put up these camps, where patients receive professional medical attention, counselling, and rehabilitation services, are clear testaments to its dedication to improving the lives of cancer patients. By providing these services at no cost to patients, the Grace Cancer Foundation upholds the belief that every person should have the greatest opportunity to overcome cancer and makes sure that financial limitations do not stand in the way of a patient's rehabilitation.

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  • Dr Chinnababu


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