Naandi Foundation

Empowers underserved communities and tackles poverty in India through sustainable solutions and community engagement

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    Hyderabad, Telangana

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Naandi Foundation focuses on addressing poverty and delivering public services to underprivileged communities. The Foundation was established in 1998 Read moreas a Public Charitable Trust with the aim of partnering with Government, corporate houses, and development organisations to create sustainable solutions for socio-economic issues. It works closely with communities to empower them to access basic services in a sustainable manner and its ideology is based on building sustainable models that deliver critical services efficiently and equitably. The organisation has a team of full-time professionals and frontline development workers operating in 17 states across India, touching the lives of more than 6 million underserved people. It is currently setting up social businesses that are more able and nearer to community needs than traditional grant-funded activities.


The Naandi Foundation has lifted 300,000 tribal individuals out of poverty, provided academic support to 450,000 girls, made 400,000 youths job-ready and planted 30 million trees.


  • Project Nanhi Kali

    Project Nanhi Kali focuses on improving education for girl students in Government schools. The programme is supported by individuals, public sector undertakings, and corporates, covering the costs of books, academics, uniforms, and other school materials. It ensures girls complete ten years of schooling and receive equal rights to boys. It also has a community support system to prevent girls from dropping out.

  • Sports for Life Programme

    Empowers 190,000 Indian girls by introducing sports into their education. It organises the "Toofaan Games" athletic events across 20 states and offers training to the Nanhi Kali Tutors. The events conclude in a national competition where winners receive medals. In 2022, 186,000 girls participated in the run-up to the finals held in Hyderabad. The initiative provides a sports class every week, nutrition education and menstrual health management.

  • Mahindra Pride Schools Programme

    Mahindra Pride Schools(MPS) provide employability training to underserved youth from urban and rural areas. With nine schools across India specializing in ITES, Hospitality Craft, Retail Sales, and Auto courses. Students are mobilised through roadshows, seminars, alumni referrals, and corporate client rejects. The three-month training includes practical assignments, industry visits, role plays, and internships.

  • The Araku Way Programme

    "Araku Way" is Naandi's approach to eliminating poverty in the Araku region. It has been working in Araku since 1999 to improve education, healthcare and economic opportunities for farmers. It works with tribal farmers to grow Arabica coffee sustainably, removing middlemen and creating a globally recognised brand, Araku Coffee. Naandi also focuses on forest restoration and has planted over 30 million trees.

  • Wardha Family Farming Project


    Naandi Foundation is implementing a women-centred family farming project in Wardha, Maharashtra. The goal is to help women farmers use regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil quality, generate year-round profits, and ensure food security. The project includes a crop mix, waste management, automation and skill development for farmers. It has increased profits by 15-20% and created the region's first Regenerative Agriculture Cluster.

Leadership Team

  • Manoj Kumar

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rohini Mukherjee

    Head - Global Partnerships and Strategy

  • Anupama Sreeramaneni

    Vice President - Araku Transformation

  • Vikash Abraham

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • David Hogg

    Chief Regenerative Agriculture Advisor

  • Raheel Wagle

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Radha Varadarajan

    Chief Skills Officer

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    502, Trendset Towers, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, 500034


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