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Smile Always Foundation is registered with the Government of India and has been dedicatedly working towards uplifting underprivileged individuals, particularly children and women, in both rural areas and urban slums. Over the past 17 years.

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    Hyderabad, Telangana

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Smile Always Foundation is registered with the Government of India and has been dedicatedly working towards uplifting underprivileged individuals, par Read moreticularly children and women, in both rural areas and urban slums. Over the past 17 years, our organization has been actively engaged in relief and development activities across India. Through innovative programs and partnerships, we aim to empower individuals and communities to overcome challenges, realize their potential, and lead dignified lives.


Our focus areas include: Child Education & Development: Providing quality education, life skills training, and holistic development opportunities to children from marginalized backgrounds, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in life. Healthcare: Offering access to essential healthcare services, preventive care, and health education to improve the overall well-being of individuals and communities, particularly those in remote and underserved areas. Sustainable Livelihoods: Creating opportunities for sustainable income generation through skill development, vocational training, entrepreneurship programs, and microfinance initiatives, enabling individuals to break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial independence. Community Development: Implementing community-driven development projects focused on infrastructure improvement, sanitation, clean water access, environmental conservation, and social empowerment, fostering inclusive growth and resilience. Relief and Rehabilitation: Providing immediate assistance, shelter, and support to communities affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies, and facilitating long-term recovery and rehabilitation efforts to rebuild lives and livelihoods. Through our comprehensive approach and commitment to social impact, Smile Always Foundation continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged individuals and communities across India.


  • Orphan Children Care and Support

    In India, millions of children from impoverished backgrounds endure harsh realities, often compelled to engage in labor to support their families. Smile Always Foundation, a non-profit organization, strives to provide a brighter future for vulnerable groups, particularly orphaned and destitute children, through its orphanages in Hyderabad, established in 2012. Initially aiding six children, the foundation now supports 25 boys and 25 girls, primarily from families affected by various adversities such as parental loss, poverty, disabilities, HIV/AIDS, or sex work. Their objectives include fostering a nurturing environment akin to parental care, offering essentials like food, shelter, education, and medical assistance, instilling discipline, and equipping children with essential life skills. Through donations from local communities, the foundation sustains its programs, urging continued support for this noble cause.

  • Drinking Water Bore wells for Sustainable Water in needy areas in India

    Access to safe drinking water is crucial for development and growth. Unfortunately, over one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. In rural India, women and children, especially those in remote areas, are disproportionately affected. They spend hours each day collecting water from contaminated sources, hindering their education and well-being. Poor communities struggle to maintain water infrastructure and often lack the means and skills to do so.

    Target Communities:
    • 50 communities will benefit from improved sanitation and hygiene.
    • Over 38,250 individuals will gain access to safe drinking water.

    The Solution:
    This project proposes the installation of bore wells to provide clean and safe drinking water to needy communities. This cost-effective and sustainable solution includes several key steps:
    • Identifying suitable locations for bore wells.
    • Conducting geological tests to assess groundwater feasibility.
    • Hiring drilling equipment.
    • Sinking the bore well

  • Construct permanent shelter for educating orphan children in India

    We, the 'Smile Always Foundation,' operate an orphanage in Hyderabad. Our journey has been one of profound blessings as we care for 50 orphaned and destitute children. These children receive the essentials—food, shelter, and education. Nutritious meals and comprehensive medical care ensure their physical well-being, while our dedicated staff fosters discipline and a nurturing environment.

    Currently, our orphanage is housed in a rented building, and the challenges are significant. Frequent moves disrupt the children's sense of security and happiness. It is our urgent mission to provide them with a permanent and comfortable living space. Thus, Smile Always Foundation is committed to constructing a spacious and secure building.

    The ongoing construction project entails a total plinth area of 3000 square feet. The orphanage will feature dormitories, a dining room, study areas, a living space, bathrooms, a kitchen, and an outdoor play area.

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    Plot No. 113, Mamatha Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500068


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