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Works as a platform to engage young people to support and help improve lives of disadvantaged people

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Youngistaan Foundation is a grass-roots not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing livelihood, education, health, climate & environment, gend Read moreer inequality, and poverty through collaborative efforts with public and private partners.


The programs are designed to improve the lives of the most underprivileged people through programs that address hunger, homelessness, livelihood, education inequality, gender equality, safe menstrual health, animal welfare and climate crisis through capacity building of young people and nurturing them into active citizens. All programs of YF are aligned with 7 UN SDGs.


We empower young people and communities to become changemakers by aligning our mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fostering holistic development for a more equitable, inclusive, and promising future for all.


We are one of India's leading volunteer-driven organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the most disadvantaged people. Our programs take a holistic approach, addressing critical issues such as hunger, homelessness, educational inequity, gender inequality, safe menstrual health, and the pressing climate crisis. During disasters, we offer relief support to local communities and governments. Since 2014, we have supported the lives of 5 million people in 60 cities, achieved through the engagement of 70,000 young individuals and strategic collaborations with over 200 government, private, and civil society organizations.


  • Rehabilitation & Livelihood Program (Transformers Program)

    We encountered a lot of homeless people while on food distribution drives with volunteers from the Youngistaan Foundation, and we saw firsthand the poor physical and mental health problems they were dealing with. We quickly organised volunteer teams to meet hundreds of homeless people's basic needs and restore their dignity by offering:

    A place to shower, get a haircut or shave, change of clothes, any necessary first aid, on-the-ground Counselling, and connections to job prospects
    Availability of skill development facilities and shelter housing

  • Hunger & Nutrition Program

    Through a two-step programme, the Youngistaan Foundation provides for the needs of those who are starving and suffering from hunger. First, the organisation prepares healthy, homemade meals for the underprivileged and gives them to the homeless. Secondly, it reduces food waste by gathering leftover food from hotels, restaurants, weddings, and other events and giving it to the homeless and other people in need.

    The Hunger and Nutrition initiative works with current government agencies and non-governmental organisations to preserve extra food and turn it into a food supply for the underprivileged. Its goal is to enhance the nutritional circumstances of individuals who are in extreme need of food.

  • Gender and Health Program

    Youngistaan Foundation’s gender awareness program aims to build safe spaces of dialogue and engage and empower adolescent girls at government schools, slums and orphanages. To prevent more girls from dropping out of school, the Youngistaan Foundation visits various government and private schools, slums, orphanages, colleges and work palaces to conduct sessions every weekend and spark crucial conversations on:

    child sex abuse
    safe touch / unsafe touch
    menstrual hygiene awareness
    breaking myths and taboos around menstruation
    sexual harassment in public places
    working with the LGBTQ community
    working with young boys on gender sensitization

  • Youngistaan Education Program

    Imagine a safe learning space where children speak their minds, and ask uncomfortable questions, and adults listen with open hearts.

    Imagine a noisy classroom where children are learning in culturally relevant and meaningful ways.

    Imagine every child wholeheartedly invested in their learning journey.

    We hope to build up young learners with strong learning foundations (functional literacy and numeracy) and positive learning mindsets (social-emotional learning) so that they can cultivate the courage & character to question, reflect, & think for themselves and be able to participate in and make better sense of a world that is as interconnected as it is divided.

    This is our vision for students everywhere!


    Build authentic and culturally responsive relationships of trust between children and mentors through mutual respect and open dialogue.
    Spark curiosity and excitement in the learner through creative and age-appropriate curriculum and meaningful engagement.

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  • Arun Daniel Yellamaty

    Founder, President

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