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United Way of Chennai commits to mobilizing the caring power of communities through sustainable and impactful interventions. We work with compassion and integrity towards inclusive and equitable solutions in education, health, livelihood and environment.

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United Way of Chennai (UWC), a registered society, is a secular, non-partisan, non-political, non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to imp Read moreroving lives in Tamil Nadu by identifying and addressing the long term needs of communities. It aims to help develop, support and strengthen community service projects and improve lives by acting as an intermediary between the corporate and the development sector. It promotes corporate social responsibility, working as a catalyst to increase the flow of resources from all parts of society for community and social development projects. United Way Chennai fights for the health, education and financial stability of every individual in every community. It makes children in the age group of 0-6 years school ready, adopt schools for holistic development and provide accessible infrastructure and WASH facilities along with soft interventions; It works for creating equal opportunities for the differently abled; revives water bodies to create green and sustainable neighbourhoods. It brings together the government, charity organisations, and the community to translate its vision into reality.


Know my ability scholarship – 93 PWDs Provided With Scholarships with 70% Women. Total scholarships awarded 80 Cr Anganwadi development program - 1,515 Children Made School Ready, 69 Anganwadis Refurbished, 720 Mothers Involved Environmental initiatives - 9 Waterbodies rejuvenated, 2,700 Native Trees Planted, 19.2 kgs CO2 sequestered/year Livelihood programs – 52 PWDs empowered as entrepreneurs, 3-4k Avg increase in monthy income, 10 Rural women empowered WASH initiatives - 5 Community RO Plants built, 1,500+ Families Benefitted, Rs. 750 Savings per month per family


  • Know my ability scholarship

    UWC has initiated a fund project centered on students' capabilities and aspirations. The fund's mission is to pave the way for more inclusive professional avenues for differently-abled students in the future. Through extensive engagement with the differently-abled community over the years, United Way Chennai has successfully established a platform that collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders, including corporate firms, government authorities, and social enterprises, among others. This collaborative effort enables UWC to create a fund that draws contributions from various sources.
    To be eligible for this scholarship fund, applicants must have completed their 12th-grade examinations and have a specific degree program in mind. The scholarship encompasses a wide range of essential expenses, covering college tuition fees as well as accommodation costs.

  • Building barrier-free schools

    UWC is dedicated to bridging the gap between a differently-abled child's education and their basic necessities. This ongoing initiative is expanding its reach with each passing day. UWC has forged enduring connections with local authorities, government officials, and school faculties who provide crucial support for all our initiatives.
    These collaborative partnerships enable UWC to identify schools in need of accessible facilities. Once identified, UWC remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusivity by developing replicable models that can benefit schools across Tamil Nadu.

  • Anganwadi

    United Way Chennai, in collaboration with ICDS, has established the Anganwadi Development Programme, aimed at ensuring comprehensive growth for children under the age of 6. This program rests on five core pillars:
    1. Fostering a secure and vibrant learning environment by renovating infrastructure, installing solar lighting, providing Shishu desks, and furnishing learning materials.
    2. Enhancing early childhood education through the appointment of Anganwadi facilitators who engage in play-based activities.
    3. Encouraging parental involvement in their child's development by forming committees and conducting meetings.
    4. Mobilizing the surrounding communities to actively participate in Anganwadi activities.
    5. Organizing volunteer initiatives such as storytelling, puppet shows, and the creation of learning materials tailored to monthly themes, ensuring engaging experiences for the children.

  • Waterbody rejuvination

    United Way Chennai (UWC) aspires to enhance groundwater recharge, promote aquatic life, and expand green cover across Tamil Nadu by implementing a sustainable Waterbody Rejuvenation program.
    Comprehensive partnerships enables it to identify neglected water bodies throughout the state. Collaborating with local authorities like the Block Development Office, Panchayat, and volunteers, UWC conducts on-site assessments to evaluate the waterbody's condition. This assessment includes a study of the flora and fauna, an examination of inlets and outlets, an evaluation of the bund and waste weirs, an analysis of catchment areas, solid waste management, and the identification of both point and nonpoint pollution sources, among other factors.
    Subsequently, it performs a topographical survey utilizing a Digital Global Position System (DGPS) to meticulously document the lake's dimensions, bed levels, contours, cross-sections, adjacent developments, and encroachments.

  • Rainwater harvesting

    United Way Chennai (UWC) is dedicated to installing rainwater harvesting systems in every government school in Tamil Nadu, guaranteeing a consistent source of clean and safe drinking water for all students. Furthermore, it organizes informative sessions on water conservation practices to raise awareness and encourage sustainable water usage.
    In partnership with local authorities, it identifies schools throughout the state grappling with severe water shortages. Collaborating with the school's headmistress and administration, it conducts site visits to assess factors such as the student population, water requirements, available space, soil composition, and other pertinent details. Based on this information, it develops tailored solutions to address their specific needs.

  • Micro-entrepreneurship

    Micro-entrepreneurship typically involves a small business operated entirely by the owner or with minimal labour employed. United Way Chennai (UWC) facilitates the establishment of convenience stores or accessible small shops within the vicinity of differently-abled individuals. This initiative aims to reduce their travel requirements.
    These bunk shops are constructed using metal materials and include a ramp, covering an area of 6x5 feet. The setup process usually takes around three weeks, after which the space can be utilized as a grocery store, tea shop, stationery outlet, recharge store, and more.
    In addition to providing a micro-business opportunity, this endeavor instills a sense of ownership in differently-abled individuals, empowering them to manage and operate their own business.

  • Drinking water dispenser

    UWC has established community RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants that offer affordable, high-quality drinking water to underserved communities.
    Our comprehensive network, which includes local authorities and technical experts, ensures the sustainability of each Community RO plant over the long term. In collaboration with the Government of Tamil Nadu, the respective municipal administrations provide the land, water, and electricity connections for each approved RO site.
    Furthermore, it implements a modest user fee (Rs. 7 for a 20-liter can) to ensure that even the most economically disadvantaged families can access high-quality drinking water.

  • Disaster relief

    United Way Chennai has a rich history of uniting communities to aid in the recovery and rebuilding efforts during natural disasters, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. From the Tsunami in 2004 to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has consistently been at the forefront, ready to take swift action.
    The extensive network of partnerships, which includes government entities, corporations, NGOs, and dedicated volunteers, enabled it to respond promptly and efficiently to crisis situations, ensuring effective relief efforts.

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