Crafting Stories of Change: NGOs Empowering Rural Artisans


It doesn't matter which part of India you travel to; chances are that you will find something interesting being created or made in the local area. There is a reason why the arts and crafts of India are so world renowned and recognised - there is not only a breath of the ethos of this country that lives in every product, but also the immense talent of the craftspeople themselves. However, with more and more machine-made products becoming available, there is a visible gradual decline for handmade arts and crafts.

The importance of keeping the handicraft industry alive and protecting rural artisans

In the simplest of terms, handicraft is something that is made mostly by hand, although some tools and implements could be used. There is normally an immense amount of talent, precision and knowledge that goes into making any and all such arts and crafts. Many times, the knowledge of creating said handicraft might have been passed down through the generations and offering them with support and proper platforms might be the only way to keep the craft alive.

For several centuries, India has been recognised as the home to some of the most intricate handicrafts and these are an inherent part of our culture too. They have allowed rural artisans in India to not only earn a living for themselves and their families, but also earn a place of respect on several global platforms. There are certain art and craft forms that are recognised on a global scale and are highly respected in foreign markets. It is imperative to keep these forms and the people who practise the same alive, because letting it die would mean letting an innate part of our country's culture fade away forever.

The role that the handicraft industry plays in India:

In the recent part, there has been a lot of impetus to local and rural artisans and craftspeople, because there has been a renewed global interest in Indian handicrafts. The fact of the matter is that this is an industry on its own and it has a huge role to play in the lives of the artisans as well as the nation as a whole.

What role do NGOs have to play in empowering rural artisans

Whether we would like to accept it or not, there has been a sense of neglect towards rural artisans in India and even though we all like those pretty things to decorate our home with, we might not be aware of the condition of the people who make it. India as a country is so diverse and so multifaceted that finding handicrafts that are just as diverse and multifaceted is actually not much of a task. As a matter of fact, if you ever took the time to travel the length and breadth of this vast nation, you would find several hamlets and villages, which are dedicated to only one art or craft. Kanchipuram and Banaras are recognised the world over for their incredible silk sarees, while towns all around Bidar create only Bidri work.

There is so much to explore in India, but without the help of NGOs, there would be no one truly empowering rural artisans and allowing them to showcase their talent to the world and make a living while doing the same. Here are just some of the ways in which NGOs help support and empower local artisans and craftspeople:

Here are some popular NGOs that are working towards empowering rural artisans

At Give Discover, we bring together several such NGOs that are working to not only support rural artisans in India, but also empower them and give them the platforms they deserve. Through the efforts of these NGOs and through the generous donations of the public, these talented artisans and craftspeople will be able to thrive and keep their talents alive!