Empowerment Through Unity: Self-Help Groups in India


Self-Help Groups (SHGs) have become economic change agents from inside communities in many parts of the world, particularly in economically underdeveloped areas. These groups are fantastic catalysts for empowerment, setting off significant changes in the lives of its members. The significance of Self-Help Groups in India's development process is established by these facts and figures.

  • Nearly 8.5 million women are members of SHGs in India.
  • SHGs have been able to access a total of Rs. 5.20 lakh crore in bank loans as of FY 2013–14 through DAY-NRLM.
  • Data from the Economic Survey 2022–2023 indicate that more than 140 million families are covered by SHG–BLP, with savings deposits totalling to Rs. 47.25 crores approximately.
  • SHGs have created self-employment opportunities for thousands of women and men.

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What Are Self-Help Groups (SHGs)?

SHGs are fundamentally non-profit organizations made up mostly of women who join forces with one another to jointly improve their socio-economic circumstances. These groups are built on the basis of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and collective decision-making.

How are self-help groups formed?

Self Help Groups - How do they work ?

Now that there is a clarity on how self-help groups are formed, let's explore how self-help groups in India work, and what the functions of self-help groups are -

Purpose of SHGs

Self-Help Groups are very efficient agents of change, empowering people to improve their economic, social, and emotional well-being. They encourage group participation, financial inclusion, and communal growth. SHGs serve as motivating illustrations of how cooperation, shared accountability, and reciprocal support may result in beneficial and long-lasting change within communities.

Top of Form NGOs that are driving livelihoods in India

Here are some NGOs are essential in encouraging sustainable development and the building of livelihoods in different Indian areas. They also assist SHGs in their work and, on occasion, collaborate with them to attain the ultimate objectives of social inclusion and the improvement of the society's underprivileged groups. They help in community mobilization, learning, capacity building, and access to resources in order to uplift underserved sections of the community and enhance their quality of life.

Self-help groups are not just some organizations run by a group of women looking for passing their time; it a legit organization that works really hard to elevate the life of other individuals, especially women. Give Discover applauds the kind of work done by these amazing, wonder-women who are determined to make a difference.

Don't forget to support the NGOs that in turn facilitate the SHGs to function in an even better way.