Give launches Guaranteed Trust Seals


At Give, our mission is to make giving towards impactful causes bigger and better. A key aspect of building a giving culture is fostering a strong sense of trust and transparency between the donors and nonprofits. To that end, we are excited to launch Guaranteed Trust seals and Transparency Ratings.

Guaranteed Trust Seals - Give's Updated Due Diligence Standards

Give was launched in 2000 to help foster a culture of giving by making it easy for retail (individual) donors, HNIs, philanthropic foundations and CSR active companies to contribute to India’s social progress. Over the last two decades Give has established itself as the most trusted giving platform in the country.

One of our founding philosophies was to bridge the trust gap between donors and nonprofits doing exemplary work on the ground and impacting the lives of people and communities. And since inception, we have actively worked to address this gap.

Trust is one of our core offerings, we take it very seriously. Our due diligence framework is designed to bring this trust, which is why we verify and validate all the legal requirements that a nonprofit needs to abide by to be compliant with the prevailing law.

However, since Give started operations the donor-NGO landscape has evolved, not to mention the giant leap in technology that has directly impacted this ecosystem and the changing complexity of government regulations.

To reflect all these changes, along with the deep knowledge gathered through Give's 23-year experience in the field, we have re-evaluated our due diligence processes. The new model will provide both donors and NGOs the best-in-class framework to instil mutual trust and confidence, leading to meaningful, long term impact.

Guaranteed Trust Seals - The 3 Tiers of NGO Due Diligence Standard

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Gold Seal of Trust

This is the highest seal of trust Give will grant its nonprofit partners.

The nonprofits who receive this seal will have undergone extensive due diligence verification checks on 48 different parameters that includes organisational capability, capacity to deliver the impact, governance practices, financial and legal processes, HR maturity and tech processes.

The nonprofits here would also have to undergo an extensive site visit from Give's team which includes interaction with all the stakeholders in an NGO's ecosystem - governing body, leadership team, employees, beneficiaries and donors of the organisation to validate the accuracy of the information provided.

Also, Gold nonprofits will undergo a regular renewal cycle of updating their details as well as an regular verification visit by the Give team.

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Silver Seal of Trust

Silver is the second seal of trust given to an NGO wherein the nonprofit has to undergo due diligence verification across 24 parameters, including their financial and legal compliances, governance and organisational capability to deliver a project.

This standard does not require a field visit from the Give team, but a virtual conversation with the finance and leadership teams and donors of the organisation to establish the level of trust.

Also, the nonprofits will undergo an regular renewal cycle of updating their details.

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Bronze Seal of Trust

This is the first, standard level of due diligence any nonprofit has to undergo to be on board Give Discover. To award a nonprofit with the Bronze seal, Give checks for valid registration and legal compliance documents to establish the bonafide credentials of the nonprofit.

The documents scrutinised for awarding the badge include registration documents, 12A, 80G, PAN, bank account details and FCRA certificate (if applicable).

Transparency star ratings

Along with these new standards of compliance, Give will introduce transparency ratings for all nonprofits based on the completeness of information provided on each NGO profile on its Discover platform. The star ratings (1-5) will depend on NGOs uploading all required information and documents in a predetermined format and keeping them up-to-date. As NGOs share more, the higher their transparency ratings will be, which in turn will help improve their discovery on the platform.

This will not only act as an incentive for Give’s nonprofit partners to keep the data on their profiles current, but also provide donors with a ratings benchmark to follow - with or without the Gold, Silver and Bronze seals or, if the due diligence process is pending.

Give's goal is to provide NGOs a simple yet powerful tool to transparently convey the information donors need to understand the organisation's value. Besides, it will also cut the repeated queries and checks that occur between each NGO and a donor and encourage NGOs to maintain and share all their information in a standard, easy-to-understand manner across all donors.