How NGOs are using technology to make education more accessible?


There was once a time, when education could only be gained by sitting in a classroom; children had to be physically present in the room and there had to be a teacher interacting with them, teaching all the nitty-gritties. However, in the past few years, we have been able to see an evolution of education - not only is technology starting to play a major role, it has made the passing on of information and knowledge a lot easier and effective. It comes as no surprise that several of the mainstream schools are now using computers, projection screens and other such devices to teach children.

As per government data, there are almost 1.2 million children who are not in school and there are also those who have limited or absolutely no access to digital means. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted right before the pandemic suggests that close to 29 million students of varying ages, had no access to digital devices, which could be used to enhance their education. The loss they might have faced during the pandemic, when all the learning went online, can only be imagined.

The potential that technology unlocks for NGOs is impressive – here are just some of the benefits that students can receive through digital learning:

Several NGOs have understood the benefit of using technology to further education, especially for children who come from underprivileged and marginalized backgrounds. For children who might not be able to attend the traditional classroom, using technology might be the better way.

Here are just some of the NGOs that are using technology for teaching and learning and the methods they are employing:

There is no denying that there have to be advancements in education and even the NGOs need to keep up with the changing times. When technology is taking over aspects of our life, it needs to enter the classroom as well, because children deserve a chance to be prepared for the changing world. While NGOs are doing their best to not only introduce technology to these underprivileged children, they are also making the effort to make it a part of their daily lives. You can play your part by donating to the cause and allowing more and more children to become tech-savvy!