Levelling the Employment Opportunities Field: 5 NGOs Creating Job Opportunities for Women


Let's start with some data related to women in the workplaces:

  • As per the figures set forth by the United Nations, the gender pay gap stands at around 16% - this means that women earn only 84% of what men earn, for the same job. The discrepancies are greater when it comes to women of colour, women who have come from other countries and even women with children.
  • In India alone, the number of registered cases against sexual harassment at work has seen a steady increase - from 371 cases in 2014 to 570 in 2017 and the number seems to be growing.

India might be having conversations about employment opportunities for all, but the fact remains that there need to be more concrete steps when it comes to including women in the workforce and ensuring that they have the opportunities they deserve.

The what and why of lack of job opportunities for women

In a country as large and as populated as India, there is a definite lack of equal job opportunities for women, even though they make up almost half the nation's population. There are several reasons why there is a certain amount of discrimination, especially in terms of employment and just some of them are listed here:

What needs to be done:

The role that NGOs play in this entire scenario is being that system of support for the women - when surrounded by other women, there is a surge of confidence. Moreover, organisations that work exclusively in the domain are better equipped to not only understand the specific concerns but also offer most appropriate solutions to them. So, if lack of education is the problem, an NGO can assist in completing schooling or getting at least a basic education. Alternatively, they could offer skill-based training, which would help them become more employable. In case of women who have some form of skill such as art or craft related, by offering them a better understanding of how they can improve their sales or providing them training on how to digitise their trade, much difference can be brought about.

These are just 5 NGOs that are working towards empowering women at work and creating a more equitable work environment for them:

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