Mandatory Criteria for CSR Implementing Agency


Assessing and finalising an implementing agency for a CSR project is a crucial first step in any CSR partnership. It can be a daunting task as NGOs in India work with different processes and practices. Though the assessment differs from donor to donor, some of the common practices followed by donor companies are to look into the NGO's geographical presence based on their project requirement, statutory registrations numbers of NGOs, policies around the prevention of child labour and sexual harassment for the projects if any, existing project processes entailing regular monitoring and evaluation, accounting system, team structure and their skill sets. Several donors might also seek past/current Partners' feedback.

Though some of the assessment practices may be internal to a donor company, here are some of the statutory prerequisites laid out by the government. It aims towards streamlining the process, providing credibility to the NGOs, ensuring transparency and helping corporates identify implementing NGOs.


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