Community Health: NGOs that are Empowering Local Communities in the Remotest Parts of the Country


When they say that India lives in the villages, 'they' are not completely wrong! Even though the country has undergone a major process of urbanisation, there are still a large number of people who live in rural areas. Life in metro cities might be all bright lights and modern amenities, but the people in the villages and rural areas are still struggling with a range of problems, healthcare being one of them. The government might give healthcare high prominence, it is not able to completely filter down to the smallest villages and hamlets, often creating crises in such areas.

What are the problems that are plaguing rural and community health

More than half the population of India still resides in non-urban areas and many of them still do not have access to the kind of healthcare they need or deserve. There are several reasons for the same and because of these reasons, there are several problems that tend to crop up as well, creating a vicious cycle.

Let's start with why these problems exist?

After the why, let's take a look at the further set of problems that arise

How do NGOs come into the picture and offer assistance

When it comes to reinforcing the importance of community health, NGOs have a huge role to play - not only are they able to access parts of the country, where the government might not be able to reach immediately, but also help build a sustainable environment, wherein people from the rural areas understand the need for proper medical attention.

This is what NGOs are currently doing:

Here is a list of just some of the NGOs that are working towards empowering communities in terms of making them healthier!

Give Discover is proud to be associated with all these and many more NGOs that are working towards not only making primary healthcare affordable for those who are socially and financially marginalised, but also making health a right for everyone.