Guardians Of The Wild - NGOs That Protect National Wildlife

Did you know?

  • There has been a 69% drop in global wildlife population since 1970?
  • More than 40% of the honeybees in India have disappeared in the past 25 years?
  • As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are more than 1000 species in India that are on the red list, of which 81 are critically endangered?
  • Wild cats like Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions and snow leopards are down to 4-digit numbers in existence?

Since our childhood, we have visited zoos, with our families or via school trips, but how many of us have actually paid to attention to anything beyond? Have we ever paid attention to the condition of these animals in the zoos or in the wild? We are so occupied in our own lives that we pay little to no attention to the condition of the wildlife or the notion of saving wild animals; what we don’t realise is that the present generation might at least be able to go to a zoo to see these animals, but the next generations might have to see them only in pictures!

There is a need for protection of wildlife in India

There would be those who would snuff the conversation about wildlife conservation, because they feel that animals are not all that important. However, those in the know would tell you that animals are just as important to human existence as air, water and food. Here are just some reasons why we need to ensure that the wildlife is protected.

There has to be a genuine effort on the part of not only governments and other governing bodies, but also individuals. There have to be stronger laws protecting wildlife and steps need to be taken to ensure that they are protected. Demarcation of wildlife reserves and sanctuaries is a good step and efforts should be directed towards maintaining the natural habitats of the animals, birds and such. Industries near such areas or any other source of constant pollution has to be restricted; allowing the wildlife to thrive.

Here is to the guardians of the wild!

But it is not all bad news! There are NGOs to protect animals and conserve wildlife and they are striving day and night to ensure that not only is the ecological balance maintained, but also that these animals get the chance to survive and thrive! Here are the main NGOs that are working in the domain of wildlife conservation:

Give Discover works with one single mission – to make giving bigger and better and it is with that intention that we are constantly trying to bring more and more trusted NGOs under our umbrella. Our list of NGOs working for wildlife in India is already large and it will keep growing, because we too understand the need for saving wild animals and maintaining the very fragile ecological balance of the planet. After all, we need to leave a beautiful, lush planet that is full of life, for our children!