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Ek Tara focuses on facilitating access to high quality English medium education and skill building opportunities to children living in the largest slum communities in the city.

We are driven by the mission of educating, engaging and empowering girls and women to become agents of change.

All kids receive a free daily healthy lunch, a school uniform, and health checks in addition to the educational resources.

Ek Tara has expanded significantly from a modest community center with 20 people to one that currently directly affects 1000+ children and women through its different programs.

Through numerous awareness programs on issues of Health, Hygiene, Rights, Responsibilities, Counseling, Skill Building, etc., women in the community (typically mothers) are involved and empowered.

We are now looking at introducing our Early Child Learning Centre(ECLC) which is for children between ages 3-6. We have 3 groups - 3+, 4+ and 5+ that we call L1, L2 and L3 respectively and funds are needed to help set up the new space.

Each of the three will contain three sections, for a total of nine classrooms. They might be 250 to 300 square feet each. 

Furniture: Child-sized tables, chairs, shelving units, and storage cabinets for each classroom.

  • 1 staffroom for teachers
  • 1 pantry/ 2 staff toilets/ 4 children's toilets
  • 1 activity area/open space
  • 1 playroom
  • 1 library/reading corner
  • A storeroom
  • 9 classrooms
  • Montessori Materials: Sensorial materials, practical life materials, language materials, math materials, and cultural materials.
  • Creating quality classroom spaces. This would include paint, floor work, electrical wiring AC + Lights + Fans +Exhaust fans, masonry work as well.
  • Classroom Materials: Art supplies, books, puzzles, blocks, musical instruments, and nature materials.
  • Learning Aids: Alphabet and number charts, maps, globes, and posters.
  • Safety Equipment: Childproofing materials, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers.
  • Outdoor Materials: Playground equipment, gardening tools, and nature exploration materials.
  • Decor and Aesthetics: Soft rugs, curtains, plants, and artwork.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Brooms, mops, cleaning solutions, and sanitizing products.
  • Administrative Supplies: Attendance registers, record-keeping materials, and office supplies.
  • Quality Montessori trained teachers.

The cost of these requirements is estimated at Rs. 1,80,000/- and Ek Tara hopes to raise the amount through the contributions of this campaign.

The project would reach out to over 220 children aged 3 to 6 years in order to develop a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy and other development indices.

This pre-primary project aims at overall development of the children so that they are ready for primary school.

It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Contributions to the new facility will allow Ek Tara to reach out to more kids in the neighborhood and strengthen its position while also maintaining the quality, environment, and facilities for current students.

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Ek Tara

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