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"Educating Healthcare Professionals and the Public on Evidence-Based Nutrition for Curbing Chronic Diseases: An International Networking and Knowledge Expansion Project"


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India is a country with a population of over 1.34 billion people, which accounts for more than one-sixth of the world's population. The nation has experienced a rapid epidemiological transition due to socio-economic development, resulting in a shift towards chronic non-communicable diseases. According to the latest statistics from 2022, non-communicable diseases account for 53% of all deaths and 44% of disability-adjusted life-years lost in India. Additionally, India has the second-highest number of people with diabetes globally, with approximately 77 million individuals living with the disease, and a projection of 134 million by 2045. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for one-fifth of all premature deaths in India, and the country is currently witnessing a sharp increase in hypertension in both rural and urban populations.

Furthermore, the financial costs of chronic diseases are significant, with most healthcare expenditure being out-of-pocket in India due to low health insurance penetration. This situation puts an enormous burden on the general public, who often have to deal with long-term debt after hospitalisation, making it an unsustainable model.

Although it is well-known that dietary and other lifestyle habits are essential in reducing the burden of chronic diseases, the gaps in the curriculum mean that doctors in India are inadequately trained and not equipped to facilitate such changes. Consequently, there is a higher reliance on a pharmacological approach to treatment.

With the escalation in non-communicable disease cases, India has attained the undesirable distinction of being the diabetic capital of the world. To tackle this issue, PAN India has devised a plan to create awareness through evidence-based nutrition education. The organization is imparting training to doctors from renowned medical colleges across India to equip them with the correct information to be delivered to patients to save them from pre-mature deaths due to diet related diseases. The benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition approach are being highlighted to create knowledge and awareness. To spread the message, the PAN team is collaborating with top medical colleges across various states in India to train doctors about WFPBN and its positive impact on health.

As part of our project objective, PAN India has made significant strides towards achieving our goal. We have successfully reached out to and engaged with esteemed medical professionals across various locations. Specifically, we have covered two of the AIIMS facilities, one in Jodhpur and one in Nagpur and IMA doctors in the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Through our in-person seminars, we were able to reach out to over 1145 doctors and 480 people from different walks of life through in person seminars and webinars and provided them with valuable insights and knowledge. This has allowed us to make considerable progress towards our ultimate aim of increasing awareness and promoting a healthier lifestyle.



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