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Children in the slum communities supported by OSCAR in Mumbai and Karnataka in India, experience disproportionate difficulties at school leading to poor academic results, high dropout rates, and low aspirations. These children get drawn into child labour and the income leads most of them into anti-social behaviours, drugs, and crime. Of those children who do not complete their education, 67% are girls, this is correlated to child marriage. Every 7 seconds, a girl under the age of 15 are married in India. Parents see marriage as a way of easing financial problems. But in practice child marriage actually perpetuates the cycle of poverty, cutting short girls education and pushing them into early repeated pregnancies, limiting their opportunities. 

The project proposes to reduce dropout rates among children in school by using football as a tool and to pursue them with the rule of ‘NO SCHOOL-NO FOOTBALL’. Additionally, the learning difficulties are addressed through the education programme which ensures that they continue going to school. The football sessions are designed to make them aware of the social issues and skills required to fight through the social evils and to raise their aspirations in life.

The project encourages children and youth to actively participate in regular activities and develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude. To reduce the dropout rate and support them to stay in school, and encourage them to learn to identify and handle social issues. Empowering the children to understand the importance of education as well as imparting life skills through football so that they become self-sustainable and responsible individuals. 

OSCAR Foundation

OSCAR Foundation

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Elsa Varghese

Elsa Varghese


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