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Campaign by The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC)

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**10-year-old Madeeha was a hyperactive child with limited social skills.** Fearful and shy, she was hesitant to approach other people. Because of her hyperactive nature, she found it difficult to sit in one place and wasn't toilet trained either.**Thanks to the special teachers at AMC, Madeeha was toilet trained, given speech therapy and taught to take care of her body.** Her parents were given guidance and counseling by a psychiatrist as well, which helped them work with her better while at home. Working and sharing classroom space with 15 other children improved her social skills as well.After going through four years of life skill development at AMC special school, **Madeeha can now speak in broken sentences. She can now take better care of herself and also interacts with other children.****Your donation can help children like Madeeha to lead an independent and better life. **You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

Started in 1960, Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) runs a special education programme for mentally challenged children. They focus on imparting skills required in daily life by educating, training and rehabilitating such individuals and their families. How It Works:A child is admitted to the school after psychological assessment. Children are then grouped as per their mental age and according to the language they speak. Each child is helped to develop skills according to his/ her IQ, ability, aptitude and interest. While in school, special educators, psychologists as well as psychiatrists closely monitor his or her progress. Besides, classroom instruction, the school's activities include painting, crafts and dance. Statistics:Number of students at the school - 64 Number of teachers in the special school - 6 Number of days for which the school runs - 6 daysAge group of children at the school - 6 to 16 yearsTimings of the school - 9:30a.m. to 4p.m.

About The NGO

The vision of Association for the Mentally Challenged is to establish a centre of excellence in the field of mental retardation by providing knowledge based services. They do it through a child guidance clinic, special school, vocational training centre, day care centre, sheltered workshop and research centre. The organisation also aims to establish services for mentally challenged people of our society who are coming from poor families so that quality of life of these people is improved.AMC is dedicated to the well being of intellectually challenged children, adults and their parents. Over the years, with the committed efforts of volunteers, staff, parents and society, they have built a robust and purposeful organisation focusing on the integrated well being of these challenged people. There have been many struggles encountered to be sure; but the cause has always triumphed. Their endeavor is to create an atmosphere of harmony, learning and constructive participation and they dedicate their efforts constantly to achieve this goal.Number of adults with severe degree of mental retardation - 8Number of families covered under this program - 175Number of persons attended - 49Number of families covered under this program - 125Number of persons in sheltered workshop - 24Number of persons 5 years to 16 years - 40

The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC)

The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC)

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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