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Wrapped in a garbage bag, abandoned. Placed inside a shoulder bag, abandoned. Kept on the streets, bitten by dogs- abandoned. India is home to 29.6 million orphaned and abandoned children, as per the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). They are abandoned by their parents or families due to poverty, social stigma or simply because they were born as girls or with disabilities.

PALNA, the adoption centre of Delhi Council for Child Welfare, rescues these babies and gives them a caring shelter to grow till they find their forever homes. They not only take care of their nutrition and education but also provide them with critical medical care. But they require your support to continue being caretakers for these children who have no families. 65 abandoned children living in Palna need your help to get access to their basic needs.

Palna- a loving home

When a child is unwanted and born no one even thinks of feeding the baby. They may be the third girl in the family or a special child and they get abandoned. The lives of these babies are sometimes endangered when they are thrown in dustbins and open drains” - Dr Veronica Shah, Sr. Consultant Paediatrician, PALNA.

There are 65 such children at PALNA currently, who were forsaken by their own parents. At PALNA, they find a safe roof with food, medication, loving caretakers and various other requirements like special care for children with special needs.

Due to the strict adoption guidelines during the pandemic, many children have either not gone through the process of adoption or were waiting for adoptive parents who were unable to come to pick them up due to travel restrictions.

Loving hands that rock the cradles 

Infants often arrive in critical conditions like low birth weight, hypothermia, babies with trauma and congenital defects or intellectually disabled. PALNA has a team of dedicated round-the-clock doctors, nurses and care-givers, and their medical crisis unit has all the necessary equipment to handle emergencies among infants and new-borns. Mortality in PALNA today is negligible.

With your support, PALNA can provide proper nutrition and healthcare facilities to these abandoned children. 

Be a family that these children deserve

It takes ₹75 lakh to take care of the nutritional, medical and home care requirements of the 65 children that are currently at PALNA. Hold their hands today so that they can have a bright and fulfilling future tomorrow. Give these abandoned children a fighting chance.


PALNA, the adoption centre of our NGO partner Delhi Council of Child Welfare, provides a loving home to abandoned children before they find adoptive parents. A PALNA means a cradle and they have one placed just outside the gates of the institute to allow a child to be placed in it by anyone, without the need of identifying themselves. As soon as a child is placed in the cradle, a siren is immediately activated, and a nurse comes to take the child in.

This is how they receive most of their children. Children also come to PALNA through the police and through hospitals and clinics. Occasionally, families may come to the home to relinquish their child. PALNA has placed more than 3000 abandoned children in loving families.

10 Sep, 2023

Image 1: Palna Nursery

Image 2: Palna Medical Crisis Unit

Image 3: Classroom at Palna

Image 4: Children with severe disabilities at Palna

10 Sep, 2023

Sonu, an abandoned infant found in a cradle in 2014 at just 3 months old, arrived at Palna with multiple limb fractures due to a congenital condition called Osteo Genesis Imperfecta Type-III, making his bones brittle. Specialists at AIIMS gave him a grim prognosis, but Sonu, now 8 years old, has defied the odds. His fractures have become less frequent, and he excels in Palna's classes. He enjoys playing with other children, and the staff and volunteers provide him with extra care. Sonu continues to receive treatment from AIIMS specialists and is known for his intelligence and confidence, with ambitions that currently include becoming a policeman.

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