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Help acid attack survivor Daulat give life-changing care to over 400 victims like herself

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“I can still clearly remember how beautiful I used to look before I became a victim of acid attack. I had just celebrated my 17th birthday. The attacker was a boy who had been following me for months, but I never paid attention to him. And this is how he took his revenge. I always wonder what was my fault”, says Malaya Biswas, a Mumbai resident who is now piecing her life back together after the horrifying acid attack. The organisation providing her with the medical care she needs and helping her to rebuild her life is Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, an NGO that today supports over 400+ acid attack victims.

Started by Daulat Bi Khan, an acid attack survivor herself, the NGO has left no stone unturned to provide shelter, care and life-changing surgeries for victims. But sadly Daulat and her NGO can not do it on their own. Help Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation in its mission to transform the lives of acid attack survivors who have been suffering in agony for no fault of theirs. Donate now

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A horrifying aftermath

“The moment the acid hit my skin, I felt as if ice-cold water had been thrown on me. And within a second the burning began. My arms and legs had just melted away. Not just me but two of my sisters and one-year-old niece also were attacked. And the perpetrator was my brother-in-law. My only fault was that I had not paid heed to his advances at me”, recalls Daulat as she tries to narrate incidents of the fateful night. 

From a poor family, Daulat and her sisters had no resources to afford treatment. “We were unable to arrange for a lot of money. Although we were in a government hospital, we still had to pay ₹200 per day for the room. We had to leave the hospital with sore wounds. I didn’t have medicines, and my body kept rotting away” Daulat adds. 

“My sister told me that doctors had declared me dead and had even taken me to the morgue. They covered me up in a white sheet, too. Suddenly my heartbeat began. I got a new life. May I have to go through this pain and I had to help survivors of Acid attacks and that's why I got my life back, she further states.

Contribute to rebuild lives

Today Daulat and Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation ensures that victims get medical care, shelter, food, legal aid and even livelihood support. But all of this comes at a cost. A cost which the Daulat can not shoulder on her own. 

“I urge each one to come forward and stand with us and give us a fresh start in life with urgently required surgeries and support. Please donate generously.” 

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28 Nov, 2023

🌟🙌 Heartfelt Gratitude to Our Incredible Donors! 🙌🌟

🎗️ Your kindness is a beacon of hope for survivors like Daulat and over 400 others who have faced the unimaginable. 🌈Every contribution is a step towards healing, empowerment, and a brighter future for those affected by these devastating attacks. 🤝💖

Your support matters! Donate now and provide safe shelter, medical support and essential care to women survivors of acid attacks, empowering them on their journey towards healing and recovery!! 🌍✨

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

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