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“I know only one thing. Shivaji is my father, and Prema is my mother. I don’t want to think about my past at all. I am only interested in doing well in my life ahead and make my parents happy,” declares 17-year-old Abhishek S. 

An orphan, Abhishek had undergone a lot by the time he was only six years old and was brought to Miracle Manna. Like Abhishek, there are 22 others in various age groups who dream of doing big in life, thanks to Shivaji Lazarus and Prema.

For more than a decade, bus driver Shivaji and his wife Prema have been parents to 23 orphans. The couple’s NGO, Miracle Manna, was founded with the simple aim of providing abandoned and orphaned children with a loving home, good education and allowing the children to dream big.

But all those ambitions and dreams are in doubt now. And without your help, the 23 orphans could again become homeless. Donate now.

 How Miracle Manna started

After Shivaji’s cousin abandoned his family of three children on the streets, he was overcome with emotion and brought them home. He and Prema decided to raise the kids. 

Later, the bus driver and his BPO employee wife, converted their rented 3 BHK house into a children’s home and decided to take care of abandoned and orphaned children from the streets. It was Prema who convinced Shivaji that, despite meagre income, they could open their hearts and home to orphans. Today, they have 24 children, including their only biological daughter, Gracy. 

“My wife and I know God has given us a loving heart, and it is our duty to care for these children. We never cared for our discomforts.” says Shivaji.

Tough times

Despite occasional difficulties, the couple were managing well, with many donors pitching in for Miracle Manna. But the last two years have been tough. Shivaji says that Miracle Manna is facing its worst crisis now. “My children have been asked to stand outside their classrooms as they have not paid their school fees. I have also failed to pay electricity bills. I have been doing rounds of school trying to convince the authorities that give me more time. My children say that they would rather stay at home than face humiliation,” says Shivaji.

With mounting bills and no source of funds, Shivaji says that the future of his kids is at stake and without your support, many of his children could end up on the streets.

28 Sep, 2023

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