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“I used to be sexually abused repeatedly, and when I screamed in pain, they hit and threatened me with more violence,” says Priya (name changed), a rescued child sex worker. Priya was abducted by traffickers and sold into a red-light area house before she was rescued by Guria led by Manju. 

For over two decades, Manju has been rescuing young girls forced into prostitution across the country. She has been shaken to the core seeing some of the most horrifying crimes that young girls have to undergo. “You can’t imagine the state of girls forced into sex work. The girls are given electric shocks and burnt with cigarette butts just to get kicks out of it. And if they get pregnant, the "owners" kick them repeatedly in the womb so that the child inside dies…If you want to see hell, it is here on this planet where young girls are sexually abused,” says Manju.

Manju needs your help to rescue more young girls from forced prostitution and reunite them with their families. Donate now.

Guria’s work over the years

Based out of Varanasi, inarguably the holiest place in India, Manju and her organisation Guria, fights the sexual exploitation of girls, especially minors, by taking on the traffickers head-on, and rescuing and rehabilitating them.

Started in 1993, Guria has rescued over 5500 persons from slavery, sex trafficking, and child prostitution so far. It has also been instrumental in shutting down hundreds of places that housed trafficked girls and putting scores of traffickers out of business and in jail.

For instance, in 2005, a Guria-led rescue operation in Varanasi's red-light area led to the freeing of 49 women and girls, including minors. Many of them were kept against their will. Some of the traffickers were also arrested and tried. Since then, Guria has rescued thousands of young girls.

Manju and her husband, Ajeet Singh began rescuing girls from Varanasi’s red-light areas and then working to stop the sex-trafficking of young girls within Uttar Pradesh and outside. The organisation’s aim is to eliminate the sex trafficking of women, especially minor girls, end second-generation prostitution and child prostitution, and rehabilitate women and girls who are rescued from the trade. 

Manju has faced violent backlash from the traffickers and other vested interests, but it has not deterred her from carrying on rescuing young girls from trafficking. 

Rescue and rehabilitation

Besides rescuing girls trafficked for sex, mostly from low-income families, from across the country, Guria fights on their behalf in courts and also provides education, food, vocational training, and other facilities until they are united with their families. But because of a lack of funds, Guria is finding it difficult to rescue more girls and also take care of them once they are away from the clutches of the traffickers. 

Take the case of Sameena (name changed), who was abducted from Uttar Pradesh all the way to Telangana. Guria took it upon itself to rescue the girl with the help of its own work and also the authorities. After months of rehabilitation, Sameena went back to her family and even completed her education. With your support, Manju can rescue many more young girls from trafficking and help them live the life of their dreams.

9 Jan, 2024

🌟 The Give team had the privilege of visiting Guria Swayam Sevi Sansthan to witness the impact of your generous contributions. Your support has truly made a remarkable difference, and we're thrilled to share some heartwarming insights from the visit. 🙌😊

Field Visit Date: 18/12/2023

Field Visit by: Akanksha Singh, team

Visit Summary:

We first visited Guria's office in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where the team briefed us on their operations. Following that, we had an extensive discussion with Ajeet Singh, Guria's founder, covering everything from the organization's inception to its current growth, dedicated to rescuing girls in need and breaking societal barriers. While in office, we also we also met six teenage beneficiaries whose lives had been transformed by Guria's efforts—they are now aspiring to pursue education and achieve their dreams.

Later, we spoke with the project team and extended team members about their challenging yet determined approach to rescuing children and girls in difficult circumstances. They also shared their experience of times when rescue operations faced difficulties due to limited resources, time constraints, intervention of cops, etc., but their commitment to each rescue remained unwavering. After each rescue, Guria ensured that the beneficiary is safe, away from trauma, and learning better in life. They always kept a check on them. We also learned about the threats and challenges Guria encounters, including instances of attacks and difficulties in obtaining testimonies from beneficiaries due to external pressures. It was interesting to see a small courtroom in the office to prepare beneficiaries for their court proceedings. 

We also interacted with the legal team, who highlighted the challenges faced while supporting the victims within their circumstances. Ensuring the safety of beneficiaries and helping them understand the law and testimonies is paramount; empowering them to stay resilient throughout the process is crucial. Guria offer therapy sessions and music classes, to create a space safe for these young girls and women.

Later in the evening, we visited Guria's center in Varanasi's main red-light area where beneficiaries and their children also come. We observed the children receiving a comprehensive array of offerings - including education, extracurricular classes, games, vocational training, and other avenues to nurture their talents. Every day, the children received meals and followed a set routine. The center was well-secured with a locked main gate, and a Guria team member visited daily. Annu, the center's caretaker, remained a constant presence, always there to ensure the children's safety and well-being. The center has a capacity of 300 children. It was intriguing to see these children with such amazing optimism and talent!

Donate now and rescue more young girls from forced prostitution, empowering them to reclaim their lives and build a bright future. ✨🌟

3 Jan, 2024

Your funds have contributed to the rescue and rehabilitation of the minor girls and women of Uttar Pradesh who were forced into prostitution.

Guria has managed to do astounding work to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries as well as serve justice to their abusers. This work includes -

  1. Legal aid to survivors of sex trafficking
  2. Sensitivity training with police, activists, other concerned NGOs etc
  3. Awareness campaigns
  4. Witness protection
  5. Livelihood protection to survivors

We have even contributed to the record capture of 41 traffickers in a single case, making it possibly the largest ever conviction of this sort in the world, as highlighted in the US TIP report, 2022.

We need your continued support to get justice for these victims of sexual abuse, torture, and other loathsome acts. Please donate now to put the perpetrators of these heinous crimes behind bars and give their victims a second chance at life.

Guria Swayam Sevi Sansthan

Guria Swayam Sevi Sansthan

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Akash R


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