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Stronger Sundarbans - Cyclone Yaas Relief Campaign

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Stronger Kolkata Initiative (SKI), a Kolkata-based youth-led collective, appeals to you to help provide urgent relief to residents of West Bengal left devastated by Cyclone Yaas. Backed by Mukti, a reputed Kolkata-based not-for-profit, we hope to reach out to thousands of families with your support.

The Problem

The coastal districts of Purbo Medinipur and South 24 Parganas, specifically the islands of the Sundarban Delta, see widespread destruction every time a cyclone hits West Bengal. 

Thousands of residents of the villages across the Sundarbans lose property, livelihood, and loved ones each year. It was to reach out to the victims of Cyclone Amphan, in May 2020, that Stronger Kolkata Initiative was established. 

In Video: A flooded marketplace near the seafront in Sagardwip Island, Sunderbans, South 24 Parganas. Destruction of property and livelihood here is momentous.

The news reaching us from Patharpratima and Sagar islands in the Sundarbans at the moment is genuinely distressing - hundreds of homes with roofs blown off, fields rendered infertile by influx of saline water, sea-front embankments breached, and people left hungry, scared, and without access to essential resources. 

In Picture: An inundated field owned by the family of Mr. Subhashis Shyamol, a teacher at SKI's school in Gobindapur Abad, Patharpratima, Sunderbans, South 24 Parganas District.

SKI Cyclone Response Plan: 

To respond to the dire situation on ground, we have launched/ hope to launch the following initiatives: 

How you can help:

We appeal to you to donate to our fundraiser and assist us in restoring normalcy to the lives of those ravaged by Cyclone Yaas. Thousands of families have lost their access to food, consumption expenditure, and livelihood as a result of the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. SKI reaches out to you for aid in financing: 

  • Basic Rations, such as rice, dal, muri, oil, salt, sugar, potatoes, onions, spices, chide, glucose, etc.
  • Essential Medicines 
  • Tarpaulin for home repairs, required on a large scale as many kaccha houses are severely damaged;
  • Water purification and filtration equipment;
  • Household essentials for the monsoon, such as mosquito nets, repellants, spare clothes for adults and children etc.
  • Sanitary pads and diapers for infants;
  • COVID protection materials, such as masks, sanitisers, etc.

In Picture: Broken homes, flooded village roads. Cyclone Yaas has wreaked havoc on the lives of the residents of Sagar.

Big Goal: 

Our Initial target is to raise Rs. 10,00,000 within two weeks! 

We are personally keeping track of the situation on ground through local contacts and volunteers in rural areas. They tell us that the needs of hundreds of families are extremely urgent, and require immediate redressal. Accordingly, we hope to begin reaching out to them within the next week. 

With your support, we hope to help cyclone-affected areas of West Bengal and the Sundarbans area back on their feet in no time.

All donations will be mapped to Mukti as our Official NGO partner, who will disburse all campaign collections to vendors supplying materials for our relief effort.

Help us restore normalcy to the lives of victims of Cyclone Yaas. Donate now.



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Noumaan Anwer


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