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35 crore Indians go to sleep hungry every day

The number of citizens without enough food to eat nearly doubled from 19 crore in 2018 to 35 crore in 2022, with 69% of deaths in children under-five caused by malnutrition


Unavailability of affordable, nutritious food

High rural poverty

Inadequate distribution of basic rations

Join give.do in the fight against hunger across India

Support our NGOs in providing midday meals to school children across several states and packaged meals fortified with micronutrients and minerals to impoverished elders



Support meals programmes to help those who have little to eat

Your regular donation will save the underprivileged, especially children, from the pain of hunger, malnourishment and chronic illness. 


Mid-day meals for school kids

Healthy food during school lunch hours helps prevent malnutrition, improves school enrolment, attendance and performance of the children and reduces dropout rates.


Food for the elderly & destitute

Meals fortified with micronutrients and minerals will help avert muscle wasting, cognitive decline and other poor nutrition related illnesses in the elderly and destitute.

People are already making a difference!

You too can join our mission to put an end to hunger in India which is stunting the growth of children and the nation’s future

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250 Lakh+

nutritious meals served

40 Lakh+

lives saved from hunger

How this mission helps people

The only time we get hot, full meals, such a big lunch every day

Lunch break is the one time we get hot full meals. My sister and I love the pulao and my elder sister loves the sheera very much. We are very thankful for this service, without which we would not get such a big lunch everyday.

~ Chaya Pednekar, Student, Class 3

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Without regular, wholesome meals, hunger and malnutrition cannot be rectified - your support is critical.

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