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Alone, sick and hungry, grandparents need support

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in India are homeless

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Help abandoned seniors live their sunset years with dignity

Support an elder by contributing monthly to this mission so our partner NGOs caring for the elderly can fulfil their day-to-day needs







How will your donation help?

Your monthly gift of 1,000 helps one elderly person live out their remaining days in peace and dignity, with all they need. Our trusted, vetted and reputable NGO partners take care of them in their shelter homes.

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Impact of donation

Supporting the health, nutritional and emotional needs of abandoned or disowned elders will restore their health and help them feel valued members of society again


Gives Nutrition

Will protect homeless elders against malnutrition and disease, and build their immune system to fight infections


Provides Medication

Age-related and other health conditions will be treated and kept under control to minimise unnecessary suffering


Supports daily needs

Assured supply of day-to-day essentials like toiletries and rations will make elders feel secure of their welfare

Stories of Hope

Family abandoned me as I was a burden

I have asthma and other health problems that come with old age. I was too much of a burden to my family who abandoned me, so I ended up living on the streets. But this place has become my new home where I get medical treatment and food, and lead a peaceful life.

~ Sitaram Dattatraya Prabhu, 75

Why donate every month?

Regular updates

Learn how you are changing lives through our reports

Trusted giving

Every beneficiary you support is under the care of our Gold Certified nonprofits

Real change

Your choice to give monthly will make a long-term impact

You can provide a homeless elder the comfort of care they can trust

Your support will help abandoned senior citizens recover from the trauma of abuse


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