Wadhwani Foundation

Creates large-scale jobs through skill development in association with governments, corporates, mentors, investors and educational institutes to increase economic opportunities in Latin America, Asia and Africa

  • Started: 2000
  • Bangalore, Karnataka


The primary mission of the Wadhwani Foundation, comprising the Wadhwani Charitable Foundation and Wadhwani Operating Foundation, is to accelerate econ Read moreomic development in emerging economies through creating jobs on a large scale, collaborating with governments, corporates, mentors, investors, and educational institutes. It is present in many countries and has common initiatives, in India too, it works on the Wadhwani Global Opportunity, Wadhwani Entrepreneur and Wadhwani Advantage programmes which promote entrepreneurial and employment skills, encourage innovation, and drive policy changes to start economic opportunities. As a part of the same foundation, Wadhwani Charitable Foundation focuses on grantmaking, while the Wadhwani Operating Foundation focuses on direct programs. It also operates two institutes namely the Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP) and the Wadhwani Institute for Digital Public Health focusing respectively on policy-making, impact measurement and digitalising public health organisations to achieve speed and scale.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Its Global Opportunity programme has impacted 200,000+ Students taking employability courses, 700+ hours of mobile and videocentric content on the cloud in 14 countries across three continents with 10 clusters of employability courses. Its Entrepreneur programme has funded 12 startups with the average funding raised being Rs. 25 Lakhs and total funding raised at Rs. 2.5 Crores. Its Advantage programme has impacted 1,000 SME’s, 73 net promoter score, 70 types of problems solved, 2-10x sme revenue growth in 5 years, 15,000 employees impacted, 25 industries, 50 pan india locations, 260+ advisors/ consultants speaking local languages, 80 staff, 300+ human years of experience, 60+ discovery and solution automated tools, 1,000+ videos/ articles/ master classes/ case studies, 100+ digital webinars, 30 partners and a 50% diversity ratio.


  • Wadhwani Global Opportunity Programme

    Wadhwani Global Opportunity is the Foundation’s programme to empower students to gain competencies and skills enabling them to find good opportunities for employment leading them towards self-sustenance and supporting their families.

    The programme offers long and short-term courses supporting students with facilities like career advisory, learning, tutoring, placement and consequent progression. It partners with organisations to train students in digital skills like Renewables, IoT, Cloud, Data Analytics, MedTech, Healthcare, eCommerce and Business Accounting besides core skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Digital Literacy, Customer Centricity, Teamwork and Attitude.

    It maintains a mobile student platform where they can access all the relevant content anywhere, anytime while providing a network of experts, forums, mentors, employers, appropriate tutoring and helpdesk services to address queries.

  • Wadhwani Entrepreneur(WE) Programme

    It is an initiative of the Foundation to arm entrepreneurs with appropriate knowledge and skills to help them create high-impact startups. The programme is split up into the WE NEN and WE Liftoff phases.

    The first phase identifies entrepreneurs and takes them through an experiential 14 weeks journey, learning the why, when and how to do a startup. Its customised and open-sourced courses include video and presentation led content conducted by industry experts, established entrepreneurs and mentors.

    The Liftoff phase sees budding and prepared entrepreneurs building business and financial plans with ample help from mentors. They are consequently connected to funding agencies, Angels/Micro VCs, ecosystem events and networking opportunities to kick-start their enterprises.

  • Wadhwani Advantage Programme

    It is the Foundation's initiative to help small and medium enterprises transform their businesses, speeding up their growth and creating more job opportunities.

    It offers services like growth diagnosis, transformation recommendations, PMO and cadence setup and PMO success through expert advisors and its advantage team offering consulting, practical handholding and empowerment support to higher management.

    It serves free of cost until desired outcomes are achieved also providing access to its tech-enabled community platform consisting of customers, peers, prospects and funding agencies. It serves across 50 locations in India.

  • Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy

    Aims to use technology for public good and advice the Indian Government and bureaucracy on case-based information for effective policy making, policy implementation and impact measurement.

    It also sets out to create a technology-focused Training Academy for upskilling policymakers, bureaucrats and technocrats in important technology trends and in the application of relevant technologies to their respective ministries and missions.


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Tower No 3, 6th Floor, SJR I Park, EPIP Zone-1, White Field

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Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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